Friday, August 3, 2012

Guilty Pleasure..

During the conventions of 2011 and 2012 I hardly bought anything, mostly some Asian sweets and maybe convention tickets but that was it, until Animecon IX. I finally had someone with me who had cash with him so I kinda used his (don't you worry, it's just my overly adorable little brother who was bribed) cash on things.. I finally bought some new manga and a FAN!!!! I've wanted one for years and now I got one for 2€!

Mangas: Up - Arina Tanemura's Mistress☆Fortune and Sakura Hime (The Legend of Princess Sakura) #1
Down - Naoko Takeuchi's Codename Sailor V #2 and Yuyuko Takemiya/Zekkyo's ToraDora #1 (my brother fell in love with the series after reading the first book! :3)

I've been a fan of Arina Tanemura for 7 years and I still buy all her books even though the stories are quite childish and the characters' eyes get bigger and bigger :D

My brother chose this fan for me
After the convention it took a while from me to read the mangas but I just had to get the other 7 Sakura Hime mangas that had already been published - I went to and ordered the books with half the price compared to the prices in Finland!

July 23rd I received parts 3 and 7

The rest arrived on Friday 27th - 2 and 4...

...5, 6 and 8

I've been reading manga since I was 11 but due to moving, growing up etc. I've given some of my mangas away to friends or sold those. I still have my favourites safe with me.. :)

Arina Tanemura mangas (the ones that are in English - Time Stranger Kyoko and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne are in Finnish)

See the ORIGINAL Sailor Moon mangas? :3

My absolute treasures! The first editions that were sold out in 2002-2003 (at least in Northern Europe, somewhere else these might have been sold out sooner) and until the end of 2010 the series wasn't republished and second editions weren't made.
(checked eBay and Sailor Moon Stars☆ 2 is being sold for over $65)

I also got all 3 of these! Atelier Iris is one of the best video game series I've played :3


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