Friday, August 24, 2012

Guess who's sick~

from weheartit
 Just my luck to get sick after a couple of days of school. Apparently I should've wore a scarf starting from Monday or Tuesday but NO. I didn't pack those with me and my dad brought me the rest of my clothes on Tuesday evening..

Oh~ And while I was moving a couple of my classmates saw me with my dad. On Tuesday one of them came to me and felt a bit awkward asking me who I was the man. I was blinking my eyes for a couple of times as I found the question a bit stupid and just said that it was my dad.
"WOW! He's young!" No he isn't. He just looks young since he takes care of himself. Just like my mum looks more like my big sister than my mum.

On Wednesday I was planning to go to a party but as I was home after 6.30pm I fell on my bed and almost fell asleep. During the evening I realized there was something wrong with my throat so I drank tea like my life depended on it but no..
I went to school yesterday for one class (Russian as I didn't go to the class on Wednesday)
and to be honest it was a pain. Before the class started I saw my old high school friend S quickly, she was visiting the "other school" (there are two schools located in 1 campus and there are over 1000 students in total). We chatted a bit and even she said that I don't look too well.
Anyhow~ Russian class wasn't the best idea when you have a sore throat and don't feel too well. We were mostly concentrated on speaking and pronunciation so after that my voice sounded even worse. I met A before I left from school (it was raining the whole day and guess who didn't take their brolly or jacket with her when she moved!). We chatted a bit and she promised to call me about the classes after she'll get home. I went to get my second cup of take away Chai Latte, brought a brolly from a local shop and took a bus.

Later that day N came to visit me but it was mostly me being half dead and she talking.. But she wanted to see where I live and now she knows. She even met my flatmate(s) and we ate well (kebab).

I spent the evening reading and waiting for A's call and to my surprise I fell asleep right after 10pm.
I woke up feeling a bit better but the moment I decided to sit up I felt even worse than yesterday. Which means there's no way I'm going to school :( Too bad but what can I do? I don't want this to get even worse.. I just spend the day drinking tea and sleeping until I'm picked up to spend the weekend at my parents' place to get the rest of my stuff (like my address book which I was sure I had lost).

Try to find a small address book from this mess!!
Today (right now) it looks like this, a LOT better. Had to clean as N came over

But something good happened during this week as well :3

A brought me 2 packs of seaweed snacks! She let me try these last year, I fell in love and now that school started again I got some more :3 I want to go and buy more of these from Helsinki :3

Yummy!! :3

Got a birthday package from a Finnish pal yesterday (exactly one month late) - drawings are still missing from this one :3

Alice in the country of Clover #2 - Cheshire Cat Waltz 1 :3 Been waiting for this since June! (came yesterday!)

Boris and Alice :3
On Monday I received a postcard from a German pal :3
We'll see if I get anything today :)



  1. The seaweed snacks look so yummy!;_;

    1. It is! :3 I'm gonna go tto Helsinki to get some in a couple of weeks :3