Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Asian Flat Mates

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It's terrible to realize how much school has changed me. Up until I started last year I thought that every Asian living in Finland spoke fluent or at least understandable Finnish.

Lets jump a year forward from that, to this day. I read about a week ago that my second flat mate is going to be either Chinese or Korean (judging from her name). I hadn't heard from her or seen her before today.
I was finishing my book and I heard the door open - which was weird as my flat mate was already home but I thought that she had just went out again, take the trash or something, while I was sucked to the book world (which happens most of the time and during those moments I don't see or hear anything that happens around me). Then I heard another door opening - room number 3! I finished the last page and jumped up. I opened my door and smiled to her with "Hi"

I was shocked when she came to me and smiled "Hei", started laughing as we shook hands and said "Moi". I was shocked to realize that she spoke Finnish! It's terrible that I've gotten used to not using Finnish with people with Asian descend but apparently this will change everything - I have two "Asians" as my flat mates and I use English with the junior and Finnish with the freshman while I'm a sophomore.
The new one started with the same major as I and was thrilled to hear about that. On top of everything we changed a couple of words and apparently our parents live quite close to each other and she actually knows the place where I was working this summer :)
She also told me how pretty I look and I couldn't believe my ears. A cute short Asian girl with a perfect black hair (I've always wanted a black hair) and the perfect measurements to be able to buy and wear all of the clothes bought from yesstyle (made an order worth over 130€.... If the clothes won't fit me I already had a chat with a Chinese upperclassman that I'm willing to give her the perfect jacket for 10€ if it won't fit me) told me I'm pretty.. On top of everything I was wearing an oversized hoodie and my pj trousers and I've been feeling awful for the whole day, not eating thanks to it.. VERY pretty indeed.


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