Monday, August 20, 2012

1st day as a sophomore.

Actually the day went a LOT better than I expected. It was actually a great day (apart from the lecture of air traffic). I woke up after 7am (I had fallen asleep between 10pm and 10.30pm), had a cup of tea, made sure I had every paper and my laptop with me and left to the down town around 8.30am to visit Kela. (just to mention it's usually a HELL to go there). This time I surprisingly managed to get everything done in 5 minutes!!! And I was there a minute or two after they opened on MONDAY morning!!

Anyhow~ I had time to go around so I ate and did some shopping before I went to school 1,5 hours before our first class (started at noon). I sat in the lobby reading Anna Dressed in Blood (finally found out how she died~ ;)) and somehow I managed to lift my gaze to see people around me and there he was. My childhood friend. My first love. The one I've had dreams now and then. He was about one metre from me and we were staring at each other for a couple of seconds, not too long for his friend to notice. I KNOW he recognized me, I haven't changed that much. The last time he saw me I had short hair, exactly like now.
(I was texting about it to 4 people and I was trembling like hell around that time. I swear my heart stopped the second I realized it was HIM and I nearly jumped up.. And from now on I'll spend every school day trying to see him and not falling in love with anyone else because I still have feelings for him..)

from weheartit
We had some exchange students from Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland in our first class and they seemed really nice. The first class was over fast (I was talking with fellow Finnish students before and during the class) and I met up with S and saw my lovely tandem partner after months! I hugged both of them but as S had something to do I chose to hang around with my awesome Russian buddy (let's say he's V). He even introduced me to the exchange student (guy) from Netherlands and I met A from Spain. I swear I had an awesome time when I went with V and A to McDonald's and walked back to my apartment after that. I even made plans with V to meet up later today and have a drink or two. 

I expected the day to be a nightmare but no! It was awesome and I can't wait to see him at school now and then.. :3
AND I even managed to help my flatmate's friends (they're looking for an apartment but ALL the student apartments are full :(). Let's hope they'll find a flat soon~ Until then they'll be staying over at our flat :)


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  1. Kuulostaapa kivalta! :D Hyvä että on hyvä päivä! :)