Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sent on Tuesday - Received on Monday

It was raining on Monday morning so I decided not to mail the letters as I was afraid to get those wet. I decided to wait for a day longer and mail those on my day off! Off to Kotka with my whole family before others go to my aunt's summer cottage for a week and leave me behind due to my job and to look after our kitty :)

Letters to Europe

The stamp :)

An envelope and 2 papers I got from my Japanese pal - chose to use those for a letter to Europe.
I LOVE the paper!!

Awesome stamps on today's postcards - UK, Germany and USA

London postcard from a friend/classmate who's in London right now. JEALOUS MUCH? D:

BEAUTIFUL castle postcard from Germany (I've wanted a PC of this castle for more than 2 years!!)

Swap PC from swap-bot :)
That's all for now - waiting for today's trip and my XXX€ stamp order (I spent WAY too much on this order!! But I hope those will last until autumn!


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