Monday, July 2, 2012

No replies for the upcoming letters before the end of July..

Because I will be giving myself one of the best birthday presents ever.
I decided on June 17th (It was rainy and really gloomy day, I was working but there were no customers so I was able to make plans and THINK :)) that every letter, swap and postcard in an envelope that comes between July 2nd and 20th won't be opened before July 23rd - Sabrina's first letter being an exception. (Don't know how on earth I'm going to make it with my willpower -which doesn't even excist- but I won't give in to the temptation! It will be so great to open the letters on my birthday :))

So none of the letters I'm receiving will be opened (except the frigging bills D:) and I will put my willpowers to the test (and will finally be able to catch up with the letters as long as depression won't be bothering me).

I might put up some pics if my brother (who will be in charge of protecting the lovely mail from me) lets me take photos of the mail :)


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