Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

And I'm leaving to Kuopio with 4 people. Animecon will be held this weekend and no matter how much I've been complaining about it to Kim I'm still going.. I was ready to cancel the whole trip but no - I've been so down that I've even started cancelling my plans for July 23rd.
Work has really drained me out and everything happening around me just takes the turn for the worse. I'm dead tired and couldn't keep myself from opening the mail - I broke down on July 10th and opened those to cheer me up and it worked - for the time I was able to concentrate on the letters and swaps.

Some pics of Animecon might be put up during the weekend but most of those will be here after the weekend - probably within the week, depending on what happens..

So, what did I get and send during the last 2 weeks?

Postcards for swaps

Postcards sent via postcrossing - my favourite being "Four season's" :D

Amazing letter from Sabrina!

Letter from my "little sister" - arrived the same day she came back<3

2 letters and a postcard swap :)

New stamp spotted!

Cat Patrick's Revived (AMAZING BOOK! Just finished it and cried my eyes out), Atelier Iris 2 PS2 game and a postcard from Mexico :)

A wine bottle I bought for my dear soul sister :) (I also gave her a letter set :))

Letter sheets swap

First Atelier Iris game<3 I've almost played it through as the first PS2 games were really short :(

Sent an awesome postcard of Kotka to USA

Package from Bree - containing the 3 favourite things I won from her give away :)

Swaps and a couple of short letters I sent

Postcards sent via swap-bot

Another janetstore order - as I said I do a lot of shopping when I'm down

Amy and Tim and Snow White letter sets<3

Princess stickers<3

Stamp order, 1 swap, 3 postcards (swaps) and a letter

The stamp order - worth 300€.
Will be post some pics of the stamps when I have the time to

3 tea swaps, 2 PC swaps and a letter sheets swap I sent yesterday

After 2 months of waiting (since the day I made an order) I finally got the last 2 books of the Fallen series! Fallen In Love (#3.5) and Rapture (#4)

I still need to finish Passion (#3) before I can start reading the 2 last books!! :3

Other things I received yesterday - tea swap, PC swap, letter and 2 stamp swaps
More posts and pics coming up during next week as I'm busy cleaning up and packing



  1. aaww, is that Tim & Amy stationery? :D You make me wanting to order again from Janet Store, too. :( And wow, 300€ stamps order, I wouldn't dare to order so much. ;) Do you have one of the Four Seasons postcard left which you can see on the first picture? It looks amazing!

    1. Yup :) The moment the Amy and Tim letter sets came back to Janetstore I wanted to order more :)
      I ordered a lot of stamps as I just got my salary and wanted to get various stamps, some of the ones I ordered were totally new to me even though those were quite old - oldest were from 2002 :)
      Too bad I only found one of those Four Season postcards (there would've been more of those "four season's" cards but I didn't like those as much and took the one for the laughs) and I don't know whether I can find more of those and from where.. But I'll be on the lookout for those :)