Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day Trip - Picture Heavy

I'm quite happy I haven't received anything yet and I've been able to concentrate on the letters I have to write. On Monday I managed to write one letter after work - though it meant that I got to bed around 1am and yesterday I started another one and wrote 5 postcards for various swaps.

As I told you I went to Kotka and places around it with my family yesterday and we had fun. I was even able to find a special mailbox - when you leave your mail there the "stamp" they put on the postage is different than it usually is - I took a photo of the stamp as it was put to the mail box:

I think it's awesome!
One of the lucky recipients will be Yoshi. If I would've known we were going there and knew of the existence of this lovely box I would've written a LOT more and sent everything from here. Well, I need to start hunting for these~

The day was awesome and the day was just perfect for park/garden visits - the most beautiful parks are located in Kotka!

From Langinkosken Kalastusmaja
Katariina's Sea park (situated next to the sea)

We also went to see the Kotka Maretanium - LOTS of fishies~

Sapokka Water Park/Garden

Well hello there!

Herb garden!

I took over 300 pics and now I'm tired and happy for the trip we had. I was able to buy postcards and letter supplies (envelopes and packaging materials mostly) and now I'm ready to head back to work~


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