Sunday, July 15, 2012

Animecon IX

I've gotten home less than 30minutes ago and I'm already going through the convention days in my mind and after all - even though there were some moments I'd rather just forget I enjoyed the convention.

I had a day off on Friday and Kim had her last day at work before her 3 weeks long summer vacation so I woke up, packed things up and Ninnu came around 3pm, just some minutes before Kim and Yumi(she's an awesome cosplayer!) came.
We ate, packed up and all five of us (me, Kim, Ninnu, Yumi and my little brother) started our 4+ hour drive to Kuopio a bit before 4pm. The drive was longer than we expected as there was an accident on the Road 5 - between Mikkeli and Juva and we stood there for 30 minutes. We managed to get to Kuopio without any stops and we dropped Yumi off near the convention area before we headed off to our camping area a bit farther away from the city center. As me and my brother had surprisingly both forgotten our towels home we stopped by Smarket and bought towels and something to eat (2 towels were nearly 28€ in total :().
We managed to check ourselves in to the camping area and me and my brother took over the only cottage we were given, leaving Kim and Ninnu with the tent they took with us.
The evening was raining, we were checking our stuffs, messed up the cottage and as I had a huge headache during the whole day we managed to get to bed around 11pm and fell asleep around midnight.

The next morning me and my brother woke up to Kim and Ninnu's knock on the door around 8am. We slowly got up, got dressed (well, girls did, my brother slept until 9am as he didn't need to do a thing! It's so easy being a guy in some cases! - he only put on some clothes and had a "youtube" box on his head) and in the end we were ready to leave a bit after 10am and arrived to the convention area (we found our way there surprisingly fast even though we had NO idea where we were supposed to go!) 10.15am.

We spent the morning going around, Ninnu was being glomped and hugged countless times and at 1pm we went to see the cosplay competition which was GREAT! (pictures of the competition are coming up to Kim's blog when she has the time to go through those as she's currently moving)

After the competition we met some more people, waited while Kim took off to somewhere with E to take photos of him, watched as L was being interviewed and we (me, Kim and Ninnu) had a photoshoot. I'm an awful photographer so I have no idea whether Kim (she was cosplaying as White from Pokémon Black and White) will get any usable photos from our photoshoot but I hope for the best.. I, on the other hand, got quite many usable photos..

Just look at me trying to take photos of Kim :(
© Ninnu
Photos & Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson's costume © Kimmy
Ninnu as Death the Kid from Soul Eater
me as Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson from Soul Eater

Not symmetric

"Do we HAVE to?"

"Not again.." - Ninnu's facial expressions are priceless!!!! :)

"I've been expecting you mr.Bond.."
Ninnu is the most adorable DtK cosplayer I've seen!

When Patty's not around...
You gotta admit it's one of the most adorable KidXLiz pictures you've seen!!

Me and my "anime eyes" (I was in tears because of the make up, false lashes and the glue) and our "oh so innocent" Ninnu

"There, there.."
Not so compassionate Liz

After the photoshoots Kim went off to some other photoshoot and me and Ninnu changed our clothes for the "after party" - I had my favourite brown wig and Kim's LizLisa dress and Ninnu used my wig which I used while cosplaying as Liz. The party wasn't for me and my brother - my brother took off after 8pm and we called after him about 30 minutes later - thanks to me (I started complaining about being tired and having a head ache - I had been in not so great condition during the day as I didn't really eat due to the costume and my fear of gaining weight). SO we drove a couple of kilometers to the nearest McDonald's and went in to grab something - which ended in me complaining that I eat like an elephant as Kim and Ninnu didn't eat nealy as much as I did...
We managed to get to Rauhalahti (the camping area) around 9.30pm, started packing up a bit, did what we had to do and went to bed after midnight. I fell asleep around 1am as there was some kind of a party in the cottage next to ours.

Today me and my brother woke up, once again, at 8am with Kim and Ninnu behind our doors. The girls washed their faces and when M went to take a shower he didn't take the keys with him - we were locked outside and I ran a couple of hundreds of meters to the reception to get the extra key and we continued packing and dressing up. Me and Kim had planned a look for me as I didn't have the will to drag another costume with me. I had planned more of a "street"-look for me but we ended up with a hipster look. Ninnu put on her Rikku (Final Fantasy X) costume and we left the area 9.45am!
The morning was a haze for me as everyone was running around, some were trying to hide from others (don't ask me, long story) and around 12.30pm Kim went to take photos of the Final Fantasy X group. Me and my brother tagged along and carried for example Kim's bag when she was shooting.
BUT the photoshoot was more of this:

© Kimmy
than this:
© Kimmy

And I was so close to glomp Pilvi (Tidus) countless times during the day as her crossplay was so awesome - and I love Tidus. In the end I hugged her at least 3 times before I was able to leave when we were saying goodbyes to Pilvi, Cresu and others~ A bit before that Kim even forced suggested me to cosplay a character from a Final Fantasy game and I agreed (even though Kim was sure I'd say no as she said "I bet you don't even like the character BUT as I've always wanted to cosplay as X, you could be Z, right?").

After that we hanged around the area and Kim took some photos of my look and I took some photos of her look.

See a pattern in here? Blond hair and some skin is always showing ;)

We left around 4pm and I was home a bit after 8pm. GREAT to be home but I'm starting to suffer from the infamous convention-hangover..

To sum up the convention..
The songs that were mostly sang by us and played on the radio were

I was being told I am/look cute and/or adorable countless times - even when I kept hugging Pilvi and went on and on how I try/tried not to glomp her and settled for hugging her. Thank you for understanding my fangirl attack.

And I seriously started thinking 'bout growing my hair and going blonde. I still prefer being brunette or a red head BUT as I've started to use blond wigs while I cosplay (out of my 10 wigs 5 are blonde) and I've grown used to the way I look with blonde hair, no matter how fake it is.

And I'm already looking forward for the next convention - in September!! ;;__;; But at least I have my ticket and hotel reserved and paid for and the only things I need to worry right now are the costumes and how the heck am I going to get to Tampere.

I already miss the convention and the people I met during those 2 awfully short days.
Have a great week and try to recover from the convention-hangover!


Some of Kimmy's photos can be found from:
Kifia Photography


  1. Jos pääset Lahteen, mä ajan sut Tampereelle ;)

    1. Kiitos<3 Pitää viel katella mite koulua on tossa vaiheessa ja sitte voi alkaa suunnitella sitä matkaa sinne päi :D

  2. Mutta kun olet niin suloinen! Really. Ihana, en pistä ollenkaan pahakseni halailua noin söpöiseltä tyttöseltä 8D ♥ Ja tuli niin puskan takaa koska hfhdfihg itsekritiikki cossia kohtaan niin kova että oli kiva et tykkäsit nui ;---;

    1. asdasdasd ;;__;; Meinasin glompata sut jo siel pukuhuoneil mut Ninnu ei antanu :D Se cossi oli aiva mahtava<3 :DD En ois halunnu päästää irti!! :3