Sunday, June 24, 2012

Why So Quiet?

I've been offline for a while now (visited facebook and my e-mails the first thing in the morning and then closed my laptops for the rest of the day) and why's this? Well one reason could be the fact that it was Midsummer - I spent it with my family plus my brother's friend. I had fun while we were talking, we played videogames (only the final boss left on Mana Khemia <3) and spent time. Other reasons are migraine attacks and the fact that my cat has once again gone missing - the last time I saw him was on Thursday :(

So I really haven't been writing a thing - not even postcards during this weekend and I think I'll spend my next day off (Monday) mostly sleeping as I have work today but I'm still feeling quite worn out and had to take aspirin just to get out of the bed :(

But I've been having an okay mail week - tea, postcards, a couple of packages from my pals etc~ :)

Monday's mail - 2 letters (Netherlands and South Korea) and a tea package (USA)

I FINALLY got one of the bonsai stamps!! :3

Adorable envelope as always :)

Beautiful mail art!!

The teas~

Only Pickwick was familiar to me :)

On Thursday:
Packages from Finland and USA, letters from USA and a postcard from South Korea

Stamps from my Finnish friend - she was interrailing in Italy and Switzerland and bought me some unused stamps from Italy, Vatican and Switzerland<3

2 new official stamps for me and she used some stamps she has made of her dog (It's possible in Finland<3) :3

A pendant she sent me<3

And these frigging awesome earrings!!! :DD
That's what I got this week and I think I'll start writing some letters and postcards today unless the migraine hits me again :/


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  1. Oh such a great mail day! They all look really cool, hope you enjoy the tea!

    By the way, I've awarded you the Liebster Award,
    I hope you accept, and answer the questions here?