Saturday, June 2, 2012

Thursday and Friday

Yesterday my lovely little brother turned 18 and I worked my ass off from 12pm to 9pm (came home a bit before 9.30pm) and I've been DEAD tired since then (thus my bitchiness to some of my friends).

Friday was a bit better since I found out I still had 40€ on my bank account (yay!) and was able to go and buy stamps, I worked with a Swiss guy that was STRAIGHT out from Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" video! ("Is it just me or is it hot in here?" ;D) and we had a great time - I asked him the reasons why he was in Finland and we talked about our hobbies :)

F: "So, what are your hobbies?"
L: "Umm.. I'd say reading.."
F: "Fantasy, right?"
L: *started laughing* "yeah"
F: "Every Finnish girl who mentions reading says she reads fantasy books"

We had a great time talking and for once my boss wasn't after me all the time :) And it was great that he helped me with cleaning after a big group we had on Thursday :)
Too bad we didn't exchange emails as we could've met before he leaves on July 31st.. :/ It would've been awesome to get to know him better :)

BUT~ As I'm dead tired I'm not going to my cousin's graduation party but stay at home and write letters<3 :D So expect a letter or two to be sent on Monday~ :D

Work on Sunday from 10am to 6pm X__x

My longest letter by now - 12 pages of A4 with my usually tiny handwriting :)

Sent out on Thursday

Close up on stamps

4 postcards to a postcard pal :)

Envie for the cards :)

A poster I bought for my brother from London - he loves Nami from One Piece

Postcard I received but gave to my brother

A card my brother received from Japan thanks to me :)

MLP goodies he has gotten from me (he should be lucky that he has an awesome sister ;)

Letters I got on Friday (no pic of Maria's letter from Thursday)

FBs I received from UK - will be sending those forward quite soon ;)
stamps I bought<3
We have a lovely postal office about 10kms from where I live and after years of visiting there the workers recognize me (I also went and go there due to my part-time job(s)). She was really nice and showed me every stamp they had there and asked what I'd like to buy (I usually buy different stamps and only restock the ones I really fell in love with :))



  1. wa...wa....wait, was there train stamps? omg, you HAVE TRAIN stamps????:-O

    1. Yup :) A set of 6 train stamps came out about a month ago :)

  2. <3 yup...we never will have those.