Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thank god it's Sunday

Which means I don't have to go to work before noon. I went to bed early yesterday just because I was dead tired and my left ankle kept (and still keeps) on bugging me (I've broke it twice but it hasn't been causing me any problems before now - and the best thing is that the pain appeared just like that).

BUT~ even though the pain keeps on reminding me that I should take it easy and rest whenever I can (even my boss and co-workers know about my problem - yesterday I was even asked "How's your paw?" (4/5 workers there have cats and the one who doesn't have cats has a dog :) So we're all animal lovers ~ and yes, it's a SMALL shop<3)) I've been cleaning up my room and checking my letter supplies and received letters. I wrote down my pals' birthdays (or at least the ones that I was able to find from the letters or facebook) and I'm starting to write letters once again :) Playing Mana Khemia will be on hiatus as I reached an area where I can't just win the effing boss and I got angry.

SO~ I'll be writing letters again (unfortunately starting with one quite new as her birthday will be in 6 days!) and unless I get some written by Tuesday/Wednesday I'll mail those on July 2nd (shortage on stamps again because I've sent a couple of packages :<).

DesuNote from Desucon 2012

A couple of swap packages and a swap postcard

Another swap

Postcard to Aya (Forgot to put it to the last 2 letters and a package I sent to her D:)
Depression stays with me but thanks to Kim listening to me (more like reading 8372838892349263 received messages from me whenever she checks her phone and taking the time to reply no matter what I'm whining about). I've also received a couple of encouraging messages from both my friends and people I don't even know. Thank you for it. I'm still a bit down but things just go on and I try to keep myself calm. Writing something daily helps too (I have lots of small papers full of various texts and even some plans for the letters I'll be writing next Wednesday and during my Midsummer day offs (Fri & Sat).


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