Monday, June 18, 2012

Postcard exchange/Postcard pals?

I *WAS* supposed to clean today but NO......... All I did was scan postcards so that I could upload those to my flickr. account and do some swapping with people but we'll see~

If you want to check some of the postcards I'd love to get rid of go HERE~ (Added only about one seventh of my cards there~ and I'll be updating it as often as I can - uploading more PCs during midsummer I guess :))
And if you'd like to swap some cards with me (I collect cats, nature views, postcards from big cities etc~) please leave me a comment below with your email (I won't publish those for privacy reasons!) and I'll get back to you asap :)

For anime themed cards (Kuroshitsuji, Vocaloids and Final Fantasy) I'd prefer exchanging 1:1 but others I can exchange 2:1 if you want :) I also have loads of unwritten cards from other countries as well plus cat and Jetoy cards :)

I'd also be willing to take a postcard pal or two :) (and as I tend to travel 2+ times a year I could promise to send postcards wherever I'm going to ;))


ps. pals can also wish for some cards to be added to their upcoming letters ;)


  1. Hi Lily, I enjoyed looking at your blog and seeing some of the mail you have received from swap-bot. I just joined a month ago and have my mailbox has become a much happier place to visit! Maggie, aka MakeMineChai, from Follow your blogger.

  2. hi, im erickalin, im u partner in the blog swap in swap-bot, beautiful blog congrats, now im u follower

  3. Lily, I absolutely love your banner! Thank you for your kind comment. I like all the yumny eye candy you have displayed on your blog. Hopefully you'll get back to cleaning soon. :) I know how it is... Adriann (Swap-bot FMBB) ♥