Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Next Cosplay~

I fell in love with the wig and I can't wait to cosplay!! <3 Why does the next convention have to be in the middle of July?????? D: I want to cosplay NOW! I'm on the phone with Kim in all of those pics so that's why my crappy phone is in every pic and my hand is weird :DD

Bet some of you already know my next cosplay thanks to these photos? :) (and no, the costume hasn't been started yet and the wig needs to be styled a bit :))

And I'm seriously thinking 'bout starting to wear wigs daily as my own hair is crappy (and this way I wouldn't have to kill dye my hair anymore :) But then I'd visit eBay at least once a week while looking for the next perfect wig for myself :3



  1. That wig looks awesome on you! Hmm...I haven't been watching anime for ages, so I couldn't figure out which character. Mind telling me? :3

    1. Thank you<3 :D
      Well, then it's a bit harder to guess as she's from pretty new series.. :D And I can't tell you the series/character yet but what I can tell you that she's an angel.. Kinda :3