Saturday, June 30, 2012

My baby came back!

My little kitty (apparently he's 3yo and not 4.. Where did that extra year come from?) had been away for one week before he walked in yesterday morning and started eating like there's no tomorrow. I was so relieved to see him again and last night he slept next to me from 10pm to 1.30am (I wake really easily during the nights so as he was moving next to me, wanting me to pet him, I woke up and it took a while before I fell asleep again.

I had 2 days off and now I'm getting back to work (yay~ D:) but at least I'll be getting money next Monday :3 I can finally get us a new PS2 controller as the old one doesn't work that well anymore :(

I managed to write a bit during the days - even sent some mail on Friday~ And I finished Mana Khemia so it won't be taking my time from the letters anymore >3<

Received on Friday~

Envelope from my Chinese postcard pal~

Adorable panda card, card from her trip to Hong Kong and used Chinese stamps for my collections! :3

Postcards from Philippines and New Zealand and letters from Germany (one stamp cut out as it wasn't marked - I'll be sending it back to the same pal so that he can use it again :)) and Sri Lanka
 What did I manage to send and write?

Sent ones - one letter sheets swap, one envelope full of postcards, 2 letters and 2 postcards
Written during yesterday (I was lazy and am still writing a 3rd letter I started yesterday) - both to Europe
That's it for now, I need to get ready to leave soon :( Hopefully the day goes by as fast as my day offs did!



  1. kohta saat postia :) kirjeesi on valmis :)