Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hello World!

I've been tired lately which is one of the reasons I rather stay away from the laptop (at least blogger and such) and read books or talk on the phone with friends..
I haven't been writing much nor have I been really reading the letters I've received (this morning being an exception as I needed to spend 2 hours in a village before work started - so I took some letters with me and walked around reading those :) It was awesome as the sun was shining (later it has been raining a LOT).

I have received some mail this week - today I received some photos I had ordered but that was it. Monday and Tuesday were a lot better mail days and I managed to send some mail out on Tuesday :)

Sent postcards

Sent letters and swaps

Some stamps - to Europe

to Europe

Europe and North America


letters and a postcard to North America - my handmade envelopes :3

Some books I've gotten<3 Starting "Second Chance Summer" as soon as I finish my "reading" list

My bookshelf (also tea, CDs and other stuff :3)

My precious<3 I LOVE Alice in the country of heart/clover by QuinRose!! READ THOSE if you like manga (and/or Alice in Wonderland)!!

Monday's mail - 3 postcards, 2 letters and 2 swaps (2 teas and 3 postcards)

On Monday I also got a thank you package as I ordered Avotakka (a magazine) to my mom - MAKE UP! lipstick, powder, mascara and something (I have no idea what it is and I just put it to my make up bag) :DDDDD

The lipstick - nice colour but I'm never gonna use it (or so I believe)
Tuesday's mail - a Jetoy package (30 stickers and 30 note cards) and 4 postcards (USA, Finland and Australia)
Letter to North America

3 Swap postcards I got and a drawing/painting that came with the tea swap (Queen of Hearts<3)
Yesterday I was expecting to be working with a group from Czech Republic but when they came the group leader spoke only a bit English and when the others came in after him I  realized they weren't from Czech - "Bonjour" - my reaction was mostly "OH CRAP!", why? Because all I know in French are "Bonjour", "Merci", "S'il vous plaît" and "Au revoir" SO not much. Never even studied the language and there's NO way I'm trying to even pronounce the words as I KNOW I can't do it. So it was more or less communicating with my hands than words :) Thank GOD there was a guy in about his 30s and he was working as an interpreter between me and the group of 40. It was absolutely amazing and I have to say that I'd rather work with a HUGE group of French than with one grumpy Finn. No matter what all of the French were smiling and talking to me even though there was the language barrier. COME BACK SOON~!!! (Today was terrible and I met many grumpy grandmas - NOTHING was good - "I need an expert with this! A summer worker isn't an expert" - well sorry lady but there's a customer from Sweden buying things with over 1000€ while you're bitching about a product worth less than 13€ - MAYBE the better employer works with the Swede rather than with you. She even threatened to go elsewhere but as I told her it's okay if she does it she left but staid in the area until J was free.....)

Yesterday I took some photos before I went to work~ I love the summer of Finland! ^^

And tomorrow... LETTERS!!! ^^



  1. Annatko mulle sun osoitteen? Haluan kirjoittaa sulle ^^