Sunday, June 10, 2012

Doctor Who Cosplay!

I finally managed to cosplay Rose Tyler from Doctor Who even though I hated the wig and was sure that someone would have said something about the wig or my make up (I gave up after fighting about an hour with those) but no. "You are recognizable" and other nice comments were given by fellow Whovians :) I had seen many DW cosplayers during the weekend but on Sunday I only met Martha (my friend Jojo), Doctor (tumblr.), Amy (a cosplayer I met in Desucon Frostbite - M) and Rory/Jack (also a cosplayer I met in Frostbite). We took some photos (mostly me, Doctor and Jojo) during the day and I had fun :) I even forgot how ashamed I was when I came to the area dressed up as Rose :)

Most of all - we had fun talking and taking silly photos :)

Aren't we sweet?

"Up there.."


Behind the cameras..

Doctah's assistants ;)
As I said the most important thing was to have fun which is why most of the pictures were.. Unpublishable ;D But these are to give some idea what I was mostly doing during the 3rd and last day at Desucon :)

More Soul Eater pictures coming in the future (I have those but I guess Kim wants to edit those before I start publishing and sharing those.. :)) and maybe one or two DW pictures are going to deviantart if I get the courage to put those up ;)

But now~ Off to the shower and start letter writing<3