Friday, June 1, 2012

Doctor Who (2005-2011)

9th (Christopher Eccleston) was my first Doctor but I lost my heart to 10th (David Tennant) and to the relationship between Doctor and Rose Tyler (Billie Piper). He still loves her even though he has changed and can't meet with Rose.

Series 1-4 (2005-2008 trailers + 2009 specials (fan-made) trailer in between ;))

Yes, I'm a Whovian. One of the walls in my old apartment was decorated with Doctor Who pictures, I had one 150cm long poster of David Tennant as the Doctor on the wall and various other Doctor Who pictures around my room. I LOVED it and I will do the same with every apartment I'm going to live in. No matter what.

Yes, I'm also Sherlocked.


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