Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DFTBA - Don't Forget To Be Awesome

I love all of my friends and I can't even express how grateful I am to know all of them. I love my penpals, childhood friends, friends I'm in touch/meet with once or twice a year, cosplay friends and everyone else I know. I love exchanging ideas and feelings with letters, sending text messages, chatting in facebook chats and talking on the phone no matter what I say or how I sound. Thank you girls (and boys) and please stay as awesome as you are! I love hearing from you no matter what's happening in my life :)

Have a great summer (and midsummer) everyone! :)



  1. Life without friends would be nothing. <3

  2. <3
    That's lovely! Aivan ihana :)
    I decided now to take things into my own hands. fuck depression. I get a tattoo next week xD

    1. Tattoo? :D I wish I were as courageous but needles scare me to death (even though I've been planning on one tattoo for a while now :D). I hope to see how it turns out ;)