Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Desucon 8.-10.6.2012

As I'm personally so frigging tired and lazy and get nothing done, here's a guest post - Desucon report from Kim:
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Hello, Kimmy here!
Lily actually asked me to do this post for her because of reasons that I'm not aware of :D
So this post will be a lot like the one in my own blog, haha! :)
Hopefully you'll endure it :P

So, it's time for Desucon 2012 (Finland) report! Long post is long, but that's just because I decided to add a lot of photos :')

So yeah, Desucon was held at Lahti and this year it was a three day convention!
Though I was there only for Friday and Saturday I had a blast! :)
(Lily was there for full three days! :) )

So, Friday started with some misfortunes.
My friends car broke and they had to wait for help about 2 hours, I couldn't do anything and I still feel bad about it :( So I went to the hotel, did my make-up and put on my costume, waited for my friends to come and during that time I broke my tights (lol, had to go without them to the convention) and got some dirt on my skirt! :') But that I got off pretty fast :)
First to arrive after me was Lily, she changed her clothes and put her make-up on (fought with it for almost an hour - or at least it felt like an hour) and during that time Mollamaija and lineartt made it to the hotel! :)
After everyone was ready it was around 6pm (I'd say more like 7pm) and then we left to Sibeliustalo! :)
I saw some friends and we were just hanging around! :)

I didn't actually feel like photoshooting at all on Friday.. But thanks to Lily we ended up taking some photos of me as Agnes Joubert and of her too (in Kim's newest wig, my "killer" heels and her LizLisa dress - she used my favourite wig) :) If you want to see photos of me as Agnes, visit my blog! :)

We left pretty early (I think) and there was this beautiful sunset at that time! :3 It was soooo pretty! :3

We had pretty early wake up because of me on the Saturday morning! I had parked my car to place where you need a parking ticket from 9am to 5pm and I didn't want to pay for one and I didn't want to take a risk that I would get a ticket.

So we woke up around 7am (the alarm went off at 6.30am - and Kim didn't even wake up before it had been ringing for at least a minute! Me and Mollamaija were awake by then - thank you!) and went to Sibeliustalo around 8:50am :')
We were outside and took some photos of our cosplays and just spent some time outdoors and indoors..

We had to wait for some time for the rest of our Soul Eater group (me and Lily were part of it :) ) so we ended up goofing around and we also took a random group photo at kuvauspalvelu! :)

If you were wondering why the glass walls of Sibeliustalo were dirty and slimy here's the reason! x'D
Really, RoXas_, really? :D 
Mollamaija (Renate Richter from Iron Sky), lineartt (Shura Kirigakure from Ao no Exorcist), Lily (Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson from Soul Eater) and me (Marie Mjölnir from Soul Eater)~ :)
(oh god my ass looks good in this one!! I'm gonna get 14cm heels if this is what those do to my ass.)
After this members of our group had arrived and we decided to go and take some photos with others! :) Most of the photos are taken by me (=Kimmy)! :)

Full Soul Eater group!
So, after our photoshoot we went inside and were just hanging around (and shopping, lol) 'till 3.30pm when it was time for Euro Cosplay Championship preliminaries! :) We got pretty nice seats from the third row, so I got to take a lot of pics :')

Here we go~
Elina as the host!  She's awesome! :)
Some of the contestants..
She got the third place!

And here's our winner who will represent Finland at Euro Cosplay Championships! :)
Congratulations Ilona!!! :)
After the preliminaries there was this Hall Cosplay contest, it's a contest where the audience gets to vote for they're favourite :) Here's some of the contestants~

Quendescence & RoXas_
^Valtiel^, who ended up winning the Hall Cosplay contest! :)
Congratulations!! :)
After those two cosplay contests I was in a hurry! Because I had promised to go take some photos of a friend and her friends right after the contest but I just had to go to the store before it closed and change clothes before so yeah, lot's of running around from place A to B to C :')
I heard that Lily had spent time with the other Soul Eater cosplayers (aka our group) during this time, which is good! :D

So, after this photoshoot I went to say goodbye to all my friends and then left home! :)

I really had great time and I can't wait 'till Animecon! :)
So see you there if ur coming there too ;)


  1. ahhh, desucon, mun kuolema xD Mä olin koko viikonlopun töissä (Subwayssä) ja kyllä, oli vähän väkee! :D Mä en tiää mitään mistään animesta, mutta jotkut puvut olivat aivan loistavia! Yks tyttö oli pukeutunut Linkiksi ja olihan se ihana :D

    1. Kaikki lähistöllä olleet raflat tais olla enemmä tai vähemmä täynnä ku siel oli se ~3000 ihmistä Desuconissa.. :) Vieres olevaa Koti pizzaa tais päästä jos jaksoit jonottaa noin tunnin..
      Jotkut puvut coneissa on aivan mahtavia - mm. perjantaina Tintin ja Kapteeni Haddock oli kui hypänny ulos sarjakuvan sivuilta :)

  2. keskustassa oli kans aivan paljon ihmisiä, oli meille tosi kiireinen päivä. Pitkät jonot.... nojoo, onhan se vaan kerran vuodessa xD

    1. Tai kaks jos tammikuussa olleest Desucon Frostbite tapahtumast tulee kans joka vuotine :)

    2. no joo, totta :D

  3. siel oli kyl kotipizzas mukavat jonot ja samaten siin kaupassa myös..
    mä istuin kaverin kaa 4. rivissä tuol cossi-kisassa! :D

    1. Mä kävin kaupas onneks vaa pe ja la just sillee et siel ei ollu kamalii jonoi, mut useemman Desun kokemuksel alkaa jo oppii mihi aikoihi kannattaa mennä mihinki ja mitkä jätetää välistä :)
      Me saatii varmaa suunnillee ensimmäisinä liput cossi kisoihi, ku mentii vartavaste heti aamusta paikan päälle :) Oli kyl iha mahtavaa olla nii edes<3