Thursday, May 24, 2012

Where does the mail come from? :O

Savage Garden<3 (The only band I listen to right now.. It's mostly Savage Garden - Nicki Minaj - Savage Garden - Nicki Minaj and so on~ :))

Yesterday I was working from 10am to 6pm, it was my first official day at work (and I forgot to bring my boss a couple of papers I promised.. But she didn't ask!). It was a bit easier day as I was trying to get used to how things work there and I tried to do as much as I could.

Too bad I had about an hour when I wasn't able to do a thing, I got frustrated and took it all out on some of my friends (sent texts while lunch hour since I was all alone D:). As the shop closes at 6pm I managed to leave 6.10pm (and I bet this will be one of the record times as I've heard how long it takes to close up at times.. Thank you last minute customers D:) and cycled 10kms home<3 This time it only took 20 minutes but I bet I won't be that fast while I'm cycling to work today..

All in all last night was okay, I was home around 6.30pm, I let the cat in and he came to eat and sleep (he sleeps in my room<3). I also checked the mail as my mom had left around 10am and our mailwoman comes around 11am (sometimes even later :( ) and I had received 4 envelopes<3 I quickly checked from whom/where I had received mail and cycled the remaining 500m home :)

I was too pissed off and tired for some personal reasons yesterday (problems with some relationships) and I decided not to write a thing.. I was home alone so I decided to take a shower, empty the fridge and finish the 3rd season of "The Big Bang Theory". By the time I got to bed it was 11.30pm and I fell asleep waiting for text messages from my BFF and boyfriend :) (I woke up around 2.30am and had received 6 text messages - mostly from Reno and about the ending of the second season of Doctor Who :))

What was ready on Tuesday afternoon (2pm)

Letter I managed to finish around  11pm on Tuesday - it ended up being 4 pages long :)

My baby<3

Just look at how cute he is >3<

I managed to sort out my letter supplies like that<3 No one will notice :DD

And I need to sort out my closet D: I just threw everything in when I came back D: (Not enough space for all of my stuff and I kept being told that I have the most space in our house D: Sure doesn't feel like that!

My baby's there<3

I sent these yesterday as I bet I won't be getting a reply to these :)

And these are what I received yesterday - letters from Finland and Germany, Doctor Who magnet from USA (it was a disappointment :<) and postcards as well as used stamps from my Chinese postcard pal (I've known her for nearly 3 years now<3)
And that's about it.. I need to start cycling in ~30minutes so that I'll be at work before 10am and I haven't even dressed yet D: Oh well~



  1. Savage garden? Savage garden! I love the song to the moon and back <3 Thought I have never listened to Nicki M. :D Oh well.
    While reading about cycling makes me want to do the same now(it's like reading about food and getting hungry), but I'll wait until evening, it's so hot -_- Ok, what am I about in here?
    Do you think these two persons won't reply back?:/ Who are they?>_<""
    Why was the magnet dissapointing?:/
    Indeed, your cat looks so cute sleeping like that ^_^

    1. YES<3 Savage Garden is amazing<3 I LOVE their music<3 And I think Nicki M shares opinions ^^'
      Haha :D I hope you will start cycling a lot as well<3 :D We can share our experiences :D I've been planning on cycling to my friend's place by the end of this summer :D
      Because one doesn't even know my address (I sent a surprise and didn't remember to put an address) and another won't have time to do that in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time so I doubt she will reply to me at all :)
      The magnet was just a paper glued to a magnet :( I was expecting a bit more .__.
      I love my baby<3 >3<