Thursday, May 31, 2012

Birthday boy! :)

 My brother turns 18 today and I can't believe it :) I hope he'll like the card I'll give to him when he gets home (he said his best birthday present is the fact that his school ends the same day :))

I've been quiet for about a week now and I'm sorry for that. I've been busy with work and whenever I came home it was usually 6.30pm or 7pm. I took a shower, made some tea and started playing Mana Khemia for an hour or two or watched tv (Criminal Minds). My dad used and uses the internet most of the time so I haven't even had the time to check my emails or facebook (OR blogger :( )

I've had quiet mail week and I'm sure I know why - I'm still working on most of the letters - for the past 3-4 days I've been working on one of the my longest letters ever. And I've finally gotten over the half way. My goal is to have it ready by Saturday.

Tea swap from Sweden via swap-bot
Postcards from N/Canada and Fran/Finland (she's in Italy right now :))

Swedish stamp :3

Vatican stamp :)
Yesterday I was taking the Finnish exam and it was terrible. I just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible so I forgot most of the things and....... Well let's say it was awkward and embarrassing and that's it. But before and after the exam I was doing some shopping and was able to get two eyeliners at last (even though the other one seems to be too strong for my eye :< Stupid eye. Anyhow~ I got some snail mailing stuff as well :)

The sex(y) hat from Kim<3

Glue for my lashes<3 The old one irritated my eyes :(

2 new pens and erasers<3


More postcars :)

And one more~

Stickers :)

MLP! :D Some of my pals (and my brother) loves the new MLP series :)

Older MLP stickers :)


  1. I have nothing against new MLP series, but I prefer more the older ones, especially those stickers :-D

  2. I haven't seen the old or the new series, I just knew I had to buy those the moment I found those from Tiimari :) It was expensive (as usual) but I really liked all of those.. :)