Friday, May 11, 2012


More about yesterday's shopping..

  From Janetstore I bought 7 various stamp-things, over 24 sticker sheets and 4 letter sets (mostly "Alice in Wonderland" themed) and on top of the books I also had to order a couple of nice PS2 games I found from ebay (at first I found at least 5 nice games but I managed to reduce the number to 2 ;)). And I've bought the cosplay things as well as Space Channel 5 a couple of days earlier.. This is what happens when I'm sick - I don't eat = I save some money -> spend it on various "unneeded" things.. :/
Reno (S/my bf - he asked me to start using his online name in here as well) kept telling me that I shouldn't stop eating nor spend all my money on games and books etc but I just can't help it ;;__;;

The 2 games I managed to buy after my last blog post were:

Odin Sphere:

Mana Khemia Alchemists of Al-Revis

And when I woke up I had received 4 confirmations of stuff being shipped - Janetstore order was shipped aroun 5am Finnish time, 2 sleeveless turtlenecks and 2 ties from Korea were shipped as well as both of Ally Condie's books<3 :3
And yesterday night I got a message that my blonde wigs started their travel<3
Space Channel 5 has been traveling for 2 days now and 100 pairs of fake lashes (60 upper lashes and 40 lower lashes) have been traveling for 5 days now :3 I can't wait to try those!! The lashes were 10€ in total!! 10!! In Finland I usually pay about 7€ for one pair! And why did I buy those cheap lashes? Those are high quality even though the price is low. I've tried those during last convention (Kim had bought some) and those were great!!

OH! And Kim made a viddie of Tre Kuplii: (me, Kimmy and Ninnu have been behind the camera :)

And yes, I LOVE Nicki Minaj :3

Now I'm only waiting to see whether I'll get any mail today (probably not even though I am waiting for a couple of letters :/), pack things up, get ready to move from Porvoo in ~1 week and wait for my orders to arrive. :) Reno will love it whenever he receives something I've ordered.. I have to get it asap so I'll be seeing him within 5 days after he has received something (ESPECIALLY the cosplay things or else Kim is gonna kill me :S)


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  1. YAY you're using my online name!
    Also, it's not like I receive any post of my own (QQ) so of course I'll be happy to receive yours. The part where you'll have to come and get it as asap as possible is just a nice bonus.