Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Monday and Tuesday

Monday was okay, as I wrote in the last post I was cleaning up my apartment and returned the keys so now I'm officially back at my parents' place and live in the middle of effing nowhere :) It's quite nice in here as I can finally sit down, relax and write a letter or two with a cup of tea next to me :)

Yesterday I got more than just the Janet store orders to Reno's address:

Space Channel 5<3 I SUCK at this game :)

Aliaa El Nashar's "Against All Odds" :)
I also received 2 neck ties for Soul Eater cosplays (again for both me and Missu) and I sent one forward :) Kim came to check the neckties, my jeans and took everything away :(

We left around 5pm and drove to my brother's dorm about ~20kms from where I used to live. We brought him some food for the week (he still has 2 weeks of school left and 9 days until he's 18 years old :) Can't believe I'm so old that even my little brother is legally adult soon!) just to find out that he'll be a part of various projects next year - rapping, 3 movie projects etc.. I'm happy but on the other hand I'm a bit jealous because I'm personally quite shy but I'd love to act!

After we gave him what he needed we drove home and I got the mail just to find 2 letters for me :3

Letters from Germany (E and Mya-chan)

And while I was writing letters yesterday (finished 2 short letters and 2 postcards as well as started a 3rd letter) I messed up my room a LOT and this morning it looked like this:

Hey I just moved back
And this is crazy
But my room is messy
So clean it maybe?

Seriously, does someone enjoy cleaning? I'll pay you!!

Meet my new love:
My lovely big mug I got from a flea market and it ended up being one of my friend's stall :DD
It's currently my most used tea mug<3

Today I received a small package of goodies I ordered about a week ago or so as well as a letter from my "sister" (I've known her for nearly 11 years now and during the years we've become really close and people usually mistake us for sisters - I'm soon 21 and she's 18 but we're about the same height):

Kuroshitsuji (Sebastian Michaelis) keychain and Doctor Who keychain and a pin<3
Package and a letter from N/Canada
2 months and she will be back in Finland<3

I spent the day more or less doing the laundry, cleaning up and trying to catch up with the letters while my dear cat wasn't trying to slaughter me for being so boring.
I was all alone the whole day<3

Work starts tomorrow :<

P.S. Over 23,000 hits and 35 followers.. I'm surprised.. I never imagined I'd get more than 10,000 hits or 10-15 followers.. Thank you<3


  1. I just noticed your blog changes <3
    Wow, I like your room, it gives a cozy feeling, but you mean that it looks like this after moving? You should see mine, it has been messy most of the time. Sure, I'll clean it up on exam period, but for how long xD sorry, but I'm not a fan of cleaning either xD

    1. It has been like this for a while :D Kim was nice enough to make me a new layout<3 She always knows how to surprise me :D
      Well most of the things are already where they belong (at least almost.. No one wants to see my closet ^^') and only the letter supplies are all around the room though I try to put those to boxes under my bed :) (my mom threatened to throw everything away unless I hide them ;;__;;)
      I usually tend to keep my room organized (or have "controlled chaos") as my mom freaks out whenever it's not perfectly tidy :(