Tuesday, May 22, 2012


While I was sick I did some shopping (games, books, cosplay stuff and letter supplies) and I do the same whenever I'm depressed and have money (even though I SHOULD be saving up). While I was sick I also got really down for various reasons.

And this whole thing ended up in me buying letter supplies thrice within 4 days from Janetstore.. And what did I get..?

First order was more of a stamp supplies, stickers and some letter sets while the second and third had mostly letter sets and some small gifts for my pals/possible a part of my future giveaway.. (I also got some surprises from Janet as I made the latest orders within the same day and she offered to ship those in one big package and will include some small gifts as I kinda over paid the shipping expenses ;))

The orders arrived on Friday and Monday but I got both yesterday :3
From the first order I got:

1st order (without most of the stamp supplies) - 6 various sticker sheets (23 in total), 3 sticker bags (270 stickers), 4 letter sets and a small bag of used Taiwanese stamps

I love Fairy tale related letter sets :)

Some of the stickers

And the sticker bags :)
 I got the first order around noon (to Reno's address) while I was emptying and cleaning my flat (more like writing one letter and trying to send it out so that it'd arrive on my friend's birthday or only a day after that). And when we went back to the post office (a bit after 3pm) to mail 1 swap-bot swap, a couple of postcards and a small package to one of my Finnish pals Reno got asked whether he was waiting for a package from abroad. He said yes and got the second package from Janetstore!! And it had only arrived around 20 minutes earlier!! YAY! It was like a Christmas for me!!!

SO the second(and "third") package included:

The actual package (I ripped it open)

Sentimental Circus phone strap and a handkerchief
Adorable, aren't those? :3

4 different stickers - 10 sheets and 2 deco tapes

Theme: Wonderland

Half of the letter sets I got from this package - some doubles for various reasons ;)

And the rest :)

I loved everything I received (got even more things as well but I'm hiding those as I don't want to ruin the surprise for some of my pals :)) and I think I will save those until my current papers have been used :3 I'll be writing a lot and I seriously can't wait to start using those<3

Have a great mail week!



  1. Nice haul! Lots of kawaii items! Thanks for sharing it :)

  2. o_o Luoja miten paljon tavaraa... kelpais mullekin.. tarroja ois kiva saada hamstrattua jostain lisää... :P

    1. Olin masentunu ja shoppaily helpottaa pahaa mieltä.. :) Eikä ainakaa nyt hetkee tartte ostaa yhtää mitää ja mahdolline giveaway onki kohta puolii jo kasassa :))
      Janetstoren tarrat on aivan ihanii<3 Varsinki "stamp like stickers" :)

  3. Replies
    1. I think I spent a little bit too much on letter supplies especially since I already have at least 15 opened sets and a couple of unopened ones.. And now these ^^'

  4. Oh wow, you had such an amazing mail haul! I am jealous :)
    Also, I am seriously excited you got the book *_*

    PS: My room is worse and I hate cleaning too!

    1. I never get this much mail and it seriously was like a Christmas for me<3 Opening up everything and squeeing like crazy :D Reno was just laughing at me when I went through everything :D
      I wish I had the time to start the book now but first I need to get rid of the letter pile that's waiting for my attention :/

      Good to hear<3 I don't have to stress that much about it then :DD Though I still will clean up :D