Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm never buying a pink wig for myself!

My favourite picture of this shoot
©Kimmy - Kifia Photography
Kim was fast this time and managed to upload a couple of pictures of yesterdays quick shoot a while ago~
You can read more about it and see the rest of the pics she took (and chose to publish - as I think I said earlier I was goofing off quite a lot. She even threatened to make a blog post of my "derp" pictures one of these days! :S) in her photography blog Kifia Photography.

I think I'll get back to school work and get ready to go to bed~ I only have one class tomorrow 12pm-1.30pm which means I can sleep long<3 :)



  1. *cough cough* well, yes, I threathened, but I don't think I'll publish those in my cosplay blog ;D You got the link right there, but the name of my blog is wrong :P

    And what do you mean? :D Pink is good, very good! :) And with bangs I think it'll be even better :)

    1. I fixed it a couple of seconds before your comment came ;D I get mixed up with your blogs when I'm tired, wasn't even able to read Russian properly thanks to my tiredness - and this was over 4 hours ago :DD

      Nah, not my colour :) I'll stick with the normal colours - such as pumpkin orange :'D But yeah, I'm definitely only buying wigs with bangs from now on :)