Friday, May 25, 2012

"I Believe You Don't Know What You've Got Until You Say Goodbye"

I'm tired and every one of my muscles aches.. I haven't been writing a thing in 3 days and no wonder - I'm so tired after every day because I'm still adjusting to the work and I haven't been able to sleep as much as I'd want - 7 hours is not enough any more, 10 would be more like it.. I usually get to bed between 11pm and 1am and wake up between 6am and 7am thanks to my mom and our lovely cat who loves to come next to me when I'm sleeping and wakes me up...........

My "angel"

Yesterday I noticed that our plum tree has started blooming :) And a small plum tree blooms for the first time ever!! :)

Our bigger plum tree hasn't made any plums during the 6 years we've lived here

The small one<3

:3 Our garden is colourful
Yesterday I was just so pissed off at everything (just like today + way too tired) and I decided to buy 2 local wines even though those are EXPENSIVE!!!!
Syys Unelma (white) 15€ (one of the best Finnish wines last year)
Kartanon Rosé (red) 18€

My laptop table & calendar where I write down the most important dates as well as what mail did I get :)

Closet & Door (Autographs<3 ;))

My brother's armchair I want but my mom won't let me keep it :(
Thursday's mail (nothing on Friday) from Canada, Germany and Austria
Sent mail (Fri May 25th) package, 2 tea swaps, 2 postcards and 3 letters
 Due to my tiredness I bet I won't be writing a thing before Monday (my only proper day off for the next 3 weeks because my next day off will be spent in my cousin's graduation party (she doesn't even like me or talk to me!! D:) and the ones after that are spent in Lahti, in Desucon D: I hope I can negotiate for one more day off~ Monday, June 4th would be lovely~)

The women in our closest shop and post office recognize me once again - their first question is:
"Personal or work related visit?". They are nice and smile to every visitor (unlike the cashiers next door D:)

I'm full of bug bites (damn mosquitoes D:) and tired as hell and if I want to be able to do something tomorrow evening after work I seriously need to get to bed~



  1. The plum tree, the beautiful at your place.
    Wait, you're seriously drinking? :-O noooooo :/
    Work is work, but if I could, I would help you with any work, I'm used to it.

    1. I know<3 I can't wait for the apple trees and our pear tree to start blooming<3 >3< I love those<3 Too bad it's too cold for a cherry tree :(
      I bought one of those bottles for my brother because he'll be turning 18 next Thursday and another for the whole family (my parents drink about one glass of wine a day and I get bad influence from them :)) But don't worry~ I'm not getting drunk :)
      I wish people could help me with job as it's tiring me out and I barely have 5 minutes time to eat during the 8 hour shift :<