Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson


I remember watching and finishing the series.... 2 years ago..? It was nice and at some point I was supposed to cosplay as Patty (Liz's sister) but due to various reasons it didn't happen.. Then I got invited (I guess Kim managed to "talk me over" - more like decided I'd be a part of the group) to this Soul Eater group and I guess I agreed on it as long as Kim makes my costume (as usually - without her will to keep me in the cosplay world I'd have quit a LONG time ago :))


So here's what it looks like currently:

Kim modified my old jeans

The tie I got on Monday was cut shorter the same day

A shirt from South Korea was modified

Kim used her bracelets from her unfinished Medusa costume

Those LOVELY shoes belong to Ninnu

That's pretty much it.. I'm still battling with Desucon's costumes (I'll be Liz on Saturday.. I think it was then :DD) as I might not make it on Friday (didn't get the day off :( ) and I have no idea whether I'll find a perfect jacket for my Rose Tyler cosplay ;;__;;



  1. Oonkohan mä missannu jotain ko vasta nyt tajusin et säkin tuut Desuun? :-D
    Ite en kyllä cossaa mitään, hillun siellä jossain normivaatteissa (köh, normi.. xD)

    1. Yritän aina mennä vuoden suurimpii coneihi ja pienempii jos rahatilanne sallii tai Kimmy (Alice-in-Passionland) puhuu ympäri.. Hengaan coneis yleesä sen seurana :)