Sunday, May 20, 2012

Been a While

Why hasn't there been any normal blog posts?
Because I've been way too bored/lazy/busy to write anything after my last "proper" post and the picture posts were a lot more fun to do..

But now that I've started my summer vacation (no school for exactly 3 months!!) and I have 3 day offs before I start working 5 days a week I decided to rest and do whatever I feel like doing (at the moment I'm moping because my friends are better cosplayers than I am and I feel like giving up for good :( I'll never be half as good.. .__. and I still wonder whether my letters are readable and nice to receive as I have a feeling I should be compensating my lack of writing skills somehow :( ). I'm still redecorating my old room and moving the rest of the stuff during tomorrow.. Can't wait to get everything organized!

Nearly nothing happened during this week, I received some of my orders and a couple of letters, started reading manga once again (because I had left all of my letter supplies to my parents' place) and finished my exams and assignments.

I promised myself to start catching up with the letters but thanks to the fact that I got 2 PS2 games during this week I've been playing one of those non-stop.. I even stayed up until 3am last night just because I wanted to play Mana Khemia. But I will work on the letters as I'm going to buy some package supplies tomorrow and send the first packages, that have been waiting to be send for weeks now, during next week unless there's some problems with my bank account :)

OH! And I finally managed to catch up with Kuroshitsuji and jumped up and down today when I realized that the newest chapter (69) was translated and published yesterday :) Gosh I love the series<3

 But back to mail.. What did I receive this week?

On Monday I got 2 blonde wigs I ordered for my Rose Tyler (Doctor Who) and Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson (Soul Eater) cosplays: (And no, I haven't slept properly during this week :))

Wig for Rose Tyler - needs some work :)
Wig for Liz - A bit too light but still..

On Tuesday I got a letter from South Korea but for some reason I didn't take a picture of it and now I'm just too lazy to use my camera :) I also got shirts for me and Missu for our Soul Eater cosplays as well as Odin Sphere PS2 game for my brother:

Wednesday and Thursday were quiet and I didn't get a thing BUT on Friday there was a lovely surprise when I moved back home - some of my mail had already started arriving here :3
2 books were sent to Reno's address but others came to my parents' place :) (Missing Maria's letter since it came to my parents' place on Wednesday and I forgot to take a picture of it)

Mana Khemia for PS2, 100 pairs of fake lashes, letter from Sri Lanka and a package+letter from Japan

I love the envie and I even got a new stamp for my collections :3

I seriously love the anime themed stamps of Japan! I have 5 now<3

I've wanted to buy these since the beginning of February and finally managed to do it! :D

And last but not least Mana Khemia<3
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow because I really want to get my Janetstore orders (3 orders.. ^^') as well as Space Channel 5 game!!


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