Thursday, May 31, 2012

Birthday boy! :)

 My brother turns 18 today and I can't believe it :) I hope he'll like the card I'll give to him when he gets home (he said his best birthday present is the fact that his school ends the same day :))

I've been quiet for about a week now and I'm sorry for that. I've been busy with work and whenever I came home it was usually 6.30pm or 7pm. I took a shower, made some tea and started playing Mana Khemia for an hour or two or watched tv (Criminal Minds). My dad used and uses the internet most of the time so I haven't even had the time to check my emails or facebook (OR blogger :( )

I've had quiet mail week and I'm sure I know why - I'm still working on most of the letters - for the past 3-4 days I've been working on one of the my longest letters ever. And I've finally gotten over the half way. My goal is to have it ready by Saturday.

Tea swap from Sweden via swap-bot
Postcards from N/Canada and Fran/Finland (she's in Italy right now :))

Swedish stamp :3

Vatican stamp :)
Yesterday I was taking the Finnish exam and it was terrible. I just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible so I forgot most of the things and....... Well let's say it was awkward and embarrassing and that's it. But before and after the exam I was doing some shopping and was able to get two eyeliners at last (even though the other one seems to be too strong for my eye :< Stupid eye. Anyhow~ I got some snail mailing stuff as well :)

The sex(y) hat from Kim<3

Glue for my lashes<3 The old one irritated my eyes :(

2 new pens and erasers<3


More postcars :)

And one more~

Stickers :)

MLP! :D Some of my pals (and my brother) loves the new MLP series :)

Older MLP stickers :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

"I Believe You Don't Know What You've Got Until You Say Goodbye"

I'm tired and every one of my muscles aches.. I haven't been writing a thing in 3 days and no wonder - I'm so tired after every day because I'm still adjusting to the work and I haven't been able to sleep as much as I'd want - 7 hours is not enough any more, 10 would be more like it.. I usually get to bed between 11pm and 1am and wake up between 6am and 7am thanks to my mom and our lovely cat who loves to come next to me when I'm sleeping and wakes me up...........

My "angel"

Yesterday I noticed that our plum tree has started blooming :) And a small plum tree blooms for the first time ever!! :)

Our bigger plum tree hasn't made any plums during the 6 years we've lived here

The small one<3

:3 Our garden is colourful
Yesterday I was just so pissed off at everything (just like today + way too tired) and I decided to buy 2 local wines even though those are EXPENSIVE!!!!
Syys Unelma (white) 15€ (one of the best Finnish wines last year)
Kartanon Rosé (red) 18€

My laptop table & calendar where I write down the most important dates as well as what mail did I get :)

Closet & Door (Autographs<3 ;))

My brother's armchair I want but my mom won't let me keep it :(
Thursday's mail (nothing on Friday) from Canada, Germany and Austria
Sent mail (Fri May 25th) package, 2 tea swaps, 2 postcards and 3 letters
 Due to my tiredness I bet I won't be writing a thing before Monday (my only proper day off for the next 3 weeks because my next day off will be spent in my cousin's graduation party (she doesn't even like me or talk to me!! D:) and the ones after that are spent in Lahti, in Desucon D: I hope I can negotiate for one more day off~ Monday, June 4th would be lovely~)

The women in our closest shop and post office recognize me once again - their first question is:
"Personal or work related visit?". They are nice and smile to every visitor (unlike the cashiers next door D:)

I'm full of bug bites (damn mosquitoes D:) and tired as hell and if I want to be able to do something tomorrow evening after work I seriously need to get to bed~


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Where does the mail come from? :O

Savage Garden<3 (The only band I listen to right now.. It's mostly Savage Garden - Nicki Minaj - Savage Garden - Nicki Minaj and so on~ :))

Yesterday I was working from 10am to 6pm, it was my first official day at work (and I forgot to bring my boss a couple of papers I promised.. But she didn't ask!). It was a bit easier day as I was trying to get used to how things work there and I tried to do as much as I could.

Too bad I had about an hour when I wasn't able to do a thing, I got frustrated and took it all out on some of my friends (sent texts while lunch hour since I was all alone D:). As the shop closes at 6pm I managed to leave 6.10pm (and I bet this will be one of the record times as I've heard how long it takes to close up at times.. Thank you last minute customers D:) and cycled 10kms home<3 This time it only took 20 minutes but I bet I won't be that fast while I'm cycling to work today..

All in all last night was okay, I was home around 6.30pm, I let the cat in and he came to eat and sleep (he sleeps in my room<3). I also checked the mail as my mom had left around 10am and our mailwoman comes around 11am (sometimes even later :( ) and I had received 4 envelopes<3 I quickly checked from whom/where I had received mail and cycled the remaining 500m home :)

I was too pissed off and tired for some personal reasons yesterday (problems with some relationships) and I decided not to write a thing.. I was home alone so I decided to take a shower, empty the fridge and finish the 3rd season of "The Big Bang Theory". By the time I got to bed it was 11.30pm and I fell asleep waiting for text messages from my BFF and boyfriend :) (I woke up around 2.30am and had received 6 text messages - mostly from Reno and about the ending of the second season of Doctor Who :))

What was ready on Tuesday afternoon (2pm)

Letter I managed to finish around  11pm on Tuesday - it ended up being 4 pages long :)

My baby<3

Just look at how cute he is >3<

I managed to sort out my letter supplies like that<3 No one will notice :DD

And I need to sort out my closet D: I just threw everything in when I came back D: (Not enough space for all of my stuff and I kept being told that I have the most space in our house D: Sure doesn't feel like that!

My baby's there<3

I sent these yesterday as I bet I won't be getting a reply to these :)

And these are what I received yesterday - letters from Finland and Germany, Doctor Who magnet from USA (it was a disappointment :<) and postcards as well as used stamps from my Chinese postcard pal (I've known her for nearly 3 years now<3)
And that's about it.. I need to start cycling in ~30minutes so that I'll be at work before 10am and I haven't even dressed yet D: Oh well~


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson


I remember watching and finishing the series.... 2 years ago..? It was nice and at some point I was supposed to cosplay as Patty (Liz's sister) but due to various reasons it didn't happen.. Then I got invited (I guess Kim managed to "talk me over" - more like decided I'd be a part of the group) to this Soul Eater group and I guess I agreed on it as long as Kim makes my costume (as usually - without her will to keep me in the cosplay world I'd have quit a LONG time ago :))


So here's what it looks like currently:

Kim modified my old jeans

The tie I got on Monday was cut shorter the same day

A shirt from South Korea was modified

Kim used her bracelets from her unfinished Medusa costume

Those LOVELY shoes belong to Ninnu

That's pretty much it.. I'm still battling with Desucon's costumes (I'll be Liz on Saturday.. I think it was then :DD) as I might not make it on Friday (didn't get the day off :( ) and I have no idea whether I'll find a perfect jacket for my Rose Tyler cosplay ;;__;;


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Monday and Tuesday

Monday was okay, as I wrote in the last post I was cleaning up my apartment and returned the keys so now I'm officially back at my parents' place and live in the middle of effing nowhere :) It's quite nice in here as I can finally sit down, relax and write a letter or two with a cup of tea next to me :)

Yesterday I got more than just the Janet store orders to Reno's address:

Space Channel 5<3 I SUCK at this game :)

Aliaa El Nashar's "Against All Odds" :)
I also received 2 neck ties for Soul Eater cosplays (again for both me and Missu) and I sent one forward :) Kim came to check the neckties, my jeans and took everything away :(

We left around 5pm and drove to my brother's dorm about ~20kms from where I used to live. We brought him some food for the week (he still has 2 weeks of school left and 9 days until he's 18 years old :) Can't believe I'm so old that even my little brother is legally adult soon!) just to find out that he'll be a part of various projects next year - rapping, 3 movie projects etc.. I'm happy but on the other hand I'm a bit jealous because I'm personally quite shy but I'd love to act!

After we gave him what he needed we drove home and I got the mail just to find 2 letters for me :3

Letters from Germany (E and Mya-chan)

And while I was writing letters yesterday (finished 2 short letters and 2 postcards as well as started a 3rd letter) I messed up my room a LOT and this morning it looked like this:

Hey I just moved back
And this is crazy
But my room is messy
So clean it maybe?

Seriously, does someone enjoy cleaning? I'll pay you!!

Meet my new love:
My lovely big mug I got from a flea market and it ended up being one of my friend's stall :DD
It's currently my most used tea mug<3

Today I received a small package of goodies I ordered about a week ago or so as well as a letter from my "sister" (I've known her for nearly 11 years now and during the years we've become really close and people usually mistake us for sisters - I'm soon 21 and she's 18 but we're about the same height):

Kuroshitsuji (Sebastian Michaelis) keychain and Doctor Who keychain and a pin<3
Package and a letter from N/Canada
2 months and she will be back in Finland<3

I spent the day more or less doing the laundry, cleaning up and trying to catch up with the letters while my dear cat wasn't trying to slaughter me for being so boring.
I was all alone the whole day<3

Work starts tomorrow :<

P.S. Over 23,000 hits and 35 followers.. I'm surprised.. I never imagined I'd get more than 10,000 hits or 10-15 followers.. Thank you<3