Friday, April 13, 2012

"You look like a doll"

I didn't realize it was Friday the 13th before our last class (ITC) around 12pm. I started thinking back and realized I hadn't had any problems today (apart from the fact that I didn't really sleep because I wasn't tired enough and had to wake up too early and almost ran late once again (TYPICAL) AND today I forgot my whole wallet home so S was kind enough to buy me the student lunch at the cafeteria).

I had been complaining about my feet since morning (the sneakers are planning on murdering me slowly but surely) and I had planned on taking a bus back but since I realized I had left my wallet home (and won't take any more of S's money) I decided to suck it up and walk after all - 4 kilometres of pure pain in my right ankle and foot. When I made it home I threw my sneakers as far away from myself as possible and went to the bed to whine about the pain (and I'm still whining about it to S - "You don't understand my pain!!" (I'm a terrible girlfriend))

I had a tandem meeting after a couple of days and I was dead tired during the session. I was seriously falling asleep more than once and in the end D was even joking on carrying me to my apartment (I live on the 5th floor while he lives on the 3rd).

D: "You're not that heavy right? Something like 50kg.. NO! 45kg!! Definitely not more than that!"
L: *just nodding and thinking about the diet*

Before that we had had a chat about the fact that I do photoshoots now and then and he had seen the pictures on my facebook page. "You look beautiful in those. I mean you're different than normally. Like a doll! That's what I was after!"

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Now I'm already half a sleep and I need to wake up early tomorrow for the photoshoot (luckily the tandem meeting was cancelled and the next time we meet is on Sunday), then probly meet S and a couple of his friends after that and if my leg is okay I'm going to the movies with S :3 But we'll see~

Good night (or afternoon or morning depending where you're located)


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