Monday, April 9, 2012

"You Don't Know You're Beautiful"

S: "You managed to write it?"
L: "Why do you sound so surprised??
I finish things quickly if I just want to do those...."
S: "But mostly it's just the case of "do not want"?"
L: "....yeah.."


I love the fact that I can act as childish as I want with him. He can handle my sudden mood swings - especially during the last 2 days when my mood has changed because of some stupid little things from happy to angry in seconds..

I'm even starting to accept the fact that he thinks I'm pretty/beautiful AND I'm little by little starting to believe it (as long as I stay away from the mirrors ;)). I'm starting to like my short reddish hair more and more and I'm even starting to accept my current weight even though I'd love to be a bit skinnier.

I'm a bit ashamed that without him I'm a bitter man hater who'd rather die alone with 75 cats and live next to a crazy dog woman than stand a man in her life but with him I'm happier than I imagined I could ever be. I was seriously thinking I would never find anyone like him as my exes have been total jerks but apparently you have to go through a bit to find someone who understands you and can stand you even when you're having a really bad day.

Yesterday we were watching The Big Bang Theory (we're both nerds so it's one of the best series there is), I was giggling most of the time and we started talking how I can relate to Penny.

"You're a less stupid version of Penny"

Thank you :)

I was also going through youtube and found a new song from Sam Tsui I hadn't heard before:

I love his voice and covers so I was happy to hear his version of One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful". I got a bit offended when he started laughing during the song. After the song I started asking why on earth he was laughing during the song (especially since I liked it a LOT). He started telling how it reminded him of someone he knows and quoted some parts of the song. I seriously love that guy even though I do get annoyed now and then :)


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