Sunday, April 15, 2012

Whiny Whininess #2

Spent the last night doing pretty much nothing. S's friend will check whether he can save some files from my crashed external hard-drive or not, I met them yesterday after all but I didn't really eat a thing - I just had a lot of tea (as always). Managed to write a couple of letters while S was watching "the Big Bang Theory" and went to bed around 1am after getting angry at stupid people.

L: "Why can't I just hit stupid people?"
S: "It's like hitting a puppy, they don't know why they were hit.."
(I get violent when I'm tired/sick/angry)

Today I woke up twice (three times if you include my inception moment - dream within a dream! \(^_^)/) thanks to my dad. My brother had put his phone to the washing machine (God I'm so proud of him) and there's a place for a summer worker in a local book store - I sent an application immediately.
After that I woke up S by calling him (he can never get angry at me waking him up even though he hates it<3) and since then I've been pretty much catching up with some assignments - one deadline on Tuesday, 2 on Wednesday and Russian exam on Thursday (Привет! Как дела? Меня зовут Лилы~ and so on). I also kept on whining about everything to S as I feel a bit stressed out (another mental break down coming up?) and I have a feeling I'm never getting out of this town............

When does the summer vacation start? I want to be able to relax without stressing over the stupid school assignments I don't really even need and FINALLY catch up with my mail...


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