Saturday, April 14, 2012


Everything was cancelled. I got a call from Kim around 9am, after sleeping for 10 hours, that the weather is quite bad and she would've wanted to take the photos inside and outside the cathedral so we decided to postpone it once again (next week we'll definitely try to go and take photos as there will be 4 of us in cosplay costumes - yay~).
My ankle still hurts a bit so I decided I'm not walking at all so the movie plan was cancelled. And if that wouldn't have cancelled the plans my health would have. I'm sick once again D: Had to call S that I won't be meeting him and his friends because I'm pretty much spending my time in the bed..

Too bad my Vietnamese flatmate is behind her locked doors, I'd love to talk with her for once but no.. I can only hear her talking with her friends in skype.. :/ Why does she have to spend time behind her locked door? :(

SO yeah, I'm pretty much only whining today and everything seems so boring and dull (I blame the weather! :<)



  1. Is it raining there, too? I'm sort of glad of the rain cause that means... SNOW IS GOING AWAY!!! Treat yourself with Doctor Who, have you seen those pictures from the new shoots? :D

    1. My external hard-drive died on me and guess where all my Doctor Who episodes were stored! But yeah! Seen the pics and I CAN'T wait for the new season to start!! :)