Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Well, there is the cultural difference.."

I've lost one of my friends after I started dating because she and S don't get along that well (they had a small argument over an assignment and since then she has acted as if S doesn't even exist and neither do I if I'm with him).
Today was the second time I talked with her after I started dating and she was as cold as possible towards me even though I went to her to ask for help. We were supposed to be at a normal class but I found her from ICT class.

L: "Hey, we have budgeting right now"
A: "I know, I don't feel like going to the class.. I do *assignment name* by myself and exactly how I want to."
L: "......Well can you at least send me the Business Plan draft we made?"
A: "You can upload it from here."
L: "No I can't. My old laptop crashed and YOU were the one who uploaded it in there, not me."
A: *looks like she doesn't even want to talk with me* "Fine, I'll send it."
L: "Thank you.."

After all I got it but apparently we're not friends nor buddies anymore..
Well, can't be helped. At least I do have some friends from my class and there's always S. :)

Too bad I'm quite sure that I will be moving back to my dad's place in the end of May as I don't seem to have gotten a part-time job for the summer (I've tried my best to send good applications to as many places as possible but I haven't gotten any responses - and S got a call right after sending one application :<).
So I might need to be really quiet during the summer or drop some pals as I won't get any money during the summer and I can't hoard enough stamps during the next 1,5 months so that those would last through the whole summer X__x But yeah.. At least I have time to write letters.. And I will be in the middle of nowhere and I guess no one will be visiting me (especially since S is allergic to cats and will probably be working most of the time :<)

The only good thing I heard today was the fact that I will get extra 400€ during December (extra money<3 a bit less than I usually get in a month so in December I'll have almost 900€ in my bank account<3) and I got 2 letters. :)

But I seriously need to work on my assignments right now..................


ps. Thank you for over 21,000 hits<3

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pps. I'm having a cosplay photoshoot tomorrow<3 Photos will probably be up in here during the weekend :) And I will give a link to Kim's photography blog if she manages to publish those first ;)


  1. What a bish she is. It's so hard to find real friends among girls with all the drama, honestly! I just suddenly got fired up :D
    I already read about how unlucky you are, this year so far isn't nice for some of my pals in snail mailing, something always goes in their way >.>
    At least you got some mail! <3 and I'm anticipating for the new photos(fan no.1). Also, please take one photo with your new hairstyle, I really want to see it :)

    1. I know.. :/ I feel like most of the girls I've met irl after 2010 are just looking for drama and trying to make and keep me as miserable as possible - this same girl even said I shouldn't confess because there's no way S'd like me. And look how right she was.
      I know.. :( I really wish I could get at least money to buy stamps during the summer but we'll see.. Maybe I just really wish everyone will get me stamps for my birthday ;)
      Yeah, at least something made my day better :)
      I will try to make Kim take a pic of my current hairstyle but I can't promise anything ;)