Monday, April 2, 2012

"This is Your Tea Time"

I didn't do anything special yesterday, went through some project things, started planning on 3-4 assignments I need to do sooner or later, realized that Stella's gig is on Wednesday (YAY!), my blog is 2 years old now, packed things, went shopping and came back to my apartment to catch up with the 6 episodes of "Once Upon a Time" I hadn't seen (due to my panic attacks before I started dating and the fact that I've been dating for a while and usually can't remember to watch the running series..) and starting with a couple of episodes of "the Big Bang Theory" (and eating as much as possible).

I didn't go to school today as we only had project hours and our project is doing just fine (and my tandem meeting was cancelled due to the other party) and apparently winter came back and guess who already gave up on winter clothes and changed to spring time. Damn you mother nature D:
OH! And I finally tried on my new heels (10cm) and realized I need to practise on walking with those.. I look like a baby gazelle with those shoes D: I seriously need to find my sneakers soon or hope that all of the snow will melt away in couple of weeks D:

Go away snow D:
No one misses you anymore D:
The thing that pretty much made my day was the fact that even though I didn't receive letters, packages or postcards today I did get 2 free tea samples through mail<3 I think there was a limit of how many would get those and I was just trying my luck (and had TOTALLY forgotten all about it before I got it today :))
2 of Lipton's mandarin-orange green tea :) I'm not a big fan of green tea but tea is tea and free tea is even better :3

Especially since I woke up to this unexplained pain this morning this really made my day.. Even if I would've had classes I wouldn't have gone. I've been mostly spent the whole day in bed getting up only to get something to eat (or get more tea). I hope tomorrow will be a better day because I need to continue writing letters, work on my assignments and most of all - go to school.



  1. Happy 2 year anniversary of your blog!
    Oh, absolutely, make this snow now go away, it was so fckin freezing today and wind so huge that even with all my weight shoes and heavy backpack I was almost blown away.
    Wee, yay, I know thta tea, it's great ^^ Hope you enjoyed it, so lucky to win ^^

    1. I KNOW!! I opened the curtains this morning and felt like throwing something out of the window since the winter came back and I WILL be going to school tomorrow with crappy shoes so I will either kill myself with the heels or break my ankles. :)
      So it's a good tea? :D Great to hear<3 I will save it up for a while then :3

    2. Gah, it killed my plans of going jogging. I was preparing my gym clothes in the evening >< I don't want to loose my motivation for it do so, spring, come here quick!
      I feel bad about you wearing those heels, I can only wear my heavyness xD my winter shoes are already done for and sprin ones are just for spring and dry weather >.>
      It's a great tea which you can make few cups with it.

    3. I know the feeling.. I've been thinking about starting jogging.. Especially since the Spring seemed to be coming but no.. :( I REALLY hope that the snow melts soon!!
      I know.. D: Well I have high heels because I try to become a bit more feminine off shoots as well since I've been a total tomboy up until now.. I want to change :D And I'm trying to kill myself while changing xD