Saturday, April 28, 2012

Things do work out in the end

Things took a turn for the better. I've been working on school assignments and I think I'll manage to finish those during the next 2 weeks (I have Russian portfolio almost ready, started the semester portfolio and I'm going to start the Finnish portfolio soon - as well as a couple of other assignments). The first deadlines are next Thursday - May 3rd when our project will be finished and after that the last exams start........ I'm afraid I might not pass all of those but I have my fingers crossed and hopes up :) And I can always take the re-exam ^^

My cat woke me up today by jumping to my bed and decided to sleep next to me :) I got up by 8am and left around 9am. I went to my old work place as I was going to get some papers from there for an interview. My old boss came to me smiling and we talked a bit - how things are going and so on. At one point she started telling how she didn't get a worker to fill in for M who quit after last year. "We're in need of a worker"
I smiled a bit and replied "Well I'm in need of a part-time job for the summer" and that was pretty much it. She made sure I had all the needed papers and gave me the job :)
I'm starting right after school ends :) I'm done with school May 18th and my first day at work will be 19th :) I'm SO happy I got the job as I already know the people, I know what they expect me to do and now I don't need to worry about ruining my days because of work :) I have every Monday off and my normal day will be from 10am to 6pm - lots of time to do during the evening and I don't need to wake up before 8am even if I'm taking the bike and cycle to work :)

My favourite song for nearly a month now :)

That's all for now. I've been a bit distressed lately but things are starting to work out :) The next school day is Wednesday and the day starts at noon as my Russian classes have been cancelled and on Tuesday I'm going to Kim's place to finish our costumes for Tampere Kuplii (we'll be there May 5th-6th - road trip to Tampere on FRIDAY!!) :) We'll be Magnet Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka :)
And Raven and X will be coming to my place the weekend after that :3 Can't wait to see the girls before Raven moves to Scotland :)


ps. I'm addicted to Once Upon a Time and Supernatural right now :) (and I love .gifs :3)

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