Wednesday, April 4, 2012

STELLA - 10 years April 4th at Tavastia club

My favourite Finnish band ever turns 10 years. I've seen them live in Ruisrock festival in 2009, I own 2 out of 4 CDs and I love them more than ever before. I even made S listen to the band and to my luck he said he enjoyed their 2nd CD (which is probably their best one :3)

And now: April 4th 2012 9.30pm-> I'm in Tavastia with Kimmy to see Stella once again :) Kim isn't that big fan of theirs but since I'd be going all by myself without her (and S (the only one who would have LOVED to go with me to see the band) is still in Miami - tough luck, love).

More about the gig after I've gotten back home (and manage to sleep for a couple of hours before school - I'll be back at home around 1am (I THINK so) and my first and only class (Russian D:) would be from 8.15am to 9.45am, we'll see whether I manage to get my tired ass over there~)

But here are some of their music videos for people (S) to enjoy~ :)

Puolet Sinusta: (One of my personal favourites!)


Kutsumattomat Vieraat Jääkää Kotiin:

 Tästä Syksy Vasta Alkaa: (Another favourite >3<)


ps. The songs I HOPE to hear are (the ones I REALLY want to hear on bold):
  1. 100km/h
  2. Revin Kappaleiksi
  3. Viimeisen Kerran (Vierekkäiset Paikat Taivaasta)
  4. Puolet Sinusta
  5. Häävalssi or 25
  6. Nimikivi
  7. Silmäripset
  8. Säikyn Aina Kun Puhelin Soi
  9. Hipaisun Päässä
  10. Puitten Sylissä (bet they won't play it since the song is over 8mins long)
  11. Kaksikko
  12. Tästä Syksy Vasta Alkaa
  13. Kadun Suurin Talo
  14. Vaaran Päällä
  15. Kutsumattomat Vieraat Jääkää Kotiin

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