Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some updates..

School assignments know how to keep me busy and on the edge. I've been quite pissed off lately (of course Simple Plan's gig did cheer me up for a while but then came more assignments and stuff like that) and S has been "suffering" from my mood swings. (I hope summer comes soon and that I WON'T get the job my mom is trying to get me through her contacts D: I would be stuck in Porvoo for the whole summer and working like a slave at the same restaurant/hotel/spa where my mom works D:) Today I was ready to rip his head off since he was pushing the wrong buttons with me. Luckily for him I can suppress my anger to some level so that I seem quiet and a bit calm and the rage stays inside.

Anyhow~ I wasn't that willing to be around people today (I spent the evening with S(23yo), A(24yo) and L(25yo) and we were playing boardgames while talking about everything, it was fun but that was my limit of human contacts for the week) so I didn't meet S's brother and his girlfriend who are apparently spending a couple of days in southern Finland before going back to Oulu.

Luckily for me I don't have to be around people for the weekend as I managed to sort things out so that I don't have to go to the ICT lesson tomorrow as all the other contact lessons were cancelled due to the fact that our teachers are elsewhere (whee~ 3 days long weekend<3). This means I can sleep, work with some projects AND try to read and/or write letters this weekend. People are trying to make me to go to my dad's place but I bet I'll stay in Porvoo instead, I need to go to their place next week..

AND~ I wrote a couple of letters last week but managed to postpone the mailing until this Tuesday or Wednesday, can't remember anymore~ But still:

Letters to Ai-chan, Mya-chan, E/Germany and J/USA and a postcard to.....

I also made a couple of envelopes when I got pissed. I love to concentrate on something else when I'm angry so there's nothing better than to start crafting :)

5 envelopes I made - I still have some paper left

transparent envelope<3

I LOVE this kind of paper :3

I just had to buy this paper when I saw it<3


Blue flowers
I'm hoping on finishing a letter today (to a pal from whom I didn't hear anything for a year and then a letter came and she told me she had moved back to Thailand from the States :)) and then maybe start another one if I'm not that pissed/angry at the world :)


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