Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Snowy day~

I managed to walk to school with my high heels though I swear I twisted my ankles at least 30 times during the 5km walk. When I was half way to school (around 2.30pm) I texted to Kim:

"You're my BFF and want to help me, right? :)"

And it took less than 10 seconds and she was already calling me : "What do you want?"
So I explained my problem and asked her to pick me up from school around 5pm (since I agreed to cosplay with her and will pay her my debts tomorrow). In the end she agreed after laughing at me and asking what I was thinking when I chose the high heels.

The Russian class was okay, I was sitting on my own as there are already groups within the classrooms already and I'm not welcomed to any of those - I barely managed to ask to work with the Estonian girls when we have the group work. So I was concentrating on the school work and when I had the time I wrote a bit on a draft paper. I've been planning Aya's letter for a while and I started writing paragraphs up so that I will remember to write everything I want to. It's gonna take a lot of time and paper but I will try my best to do it.

The class ended at 4.50pm, Kim picked me up from the shop next to my school and we spent some time in the centre of Porvoo before driving to my apartment and she invited herself over. I was okay with it as I wanted the company (been way too alone for a while and I really wanted to talk with someone and ask for someone's opinnion. I even managed to make a bet with her, not telling what's the thing but the winner will get a free kebab or a pizza :) I'm really afraid that Kim might win this time but I try not to let that happen :P)

Photo taken around 11am

It was snowing this morning :<

But not after 5pm<3

Photo taken around 8pm :)
And the Code Geass cosplay group is growing little by little :) There are already 3 of us:

Shirly, Nina and Milly
Lily - Shirley
Ninnu -Nina
Kim - Milly

We might get A as Kallen or Lelouch(Lulu) depending on whether she has time(if she wants to crossplay or cosplay) but from the message I got from her today I understood that she's seriously thinking about it (I love her! :3) AAAA~nd we might get E to cosplay with us as well ;3 It would be GREAT if we get a big group<3 (Note to self: CHECK THE SERIES!)

And yeah.. Kim was again watching my mood swings and even said something about those to me when I was first angry, then desperate and finally laughing like crazy - all this in less than a minute..
But thanks to her (and a call to Ninnu and Jojo<3) I feel a lot better and cheerful right now :) And I'll be going to Helsinki tomorrow and see Stella<3 It's going to be great<3 No children allowed to the gig so<3 :DD

I received a postcard from China and a letter from USA today but more about those in the snail mail post as soon as I manage to continue that.. Maybe during Thursday when I'm spending the day with Kim and we go shopping for the cosplays :3



  1. Check out Code geass, it's not a bad anime, even though I'm not into robots. I would like to cosplay Kallen :D

    1. I haven't started watching it before since I thought it was a mecha series (and I HATE those) but I managed to watch the first 4 episodes of the first season on Tuesday and seriously loved it :D I bet I'll see the whole series in a couple of days if I have the time to watch (and lose all my interest with letters for a while - which is NOT going to happen~) :3
      You should try cosplaying Kallen :DD