Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Simple Plan (& We The Kings) @ The Circus, Helsinki (April 16th 2012)

Yesterday morning I was pretty much complaining that I didn't want to go as I have loads of school work to do and I need to finish those at some point but as I did pay 32€ for the ticket, SP has been one of my favourite bands since my early teenage years and I've been to their every concert/gig they've had in Finland.

So we met up with Kim after my school and her work day was over, changed to our I SP shirts we bought in 2008 when SP last visited Finland - I've seen the band 4 times now while Kim has seen them 3 times (the 1st time I saw them I went to a Sound Wave "festival" with my dad - in 2005 :)). They visited Finland twice in 2008, in March and in September (if I remember correctly) and they were awesome. I had pretty much forgotten how much better they are live!!

We left to Helsinki with the first bus we managed to catch, went to eat some sushi (& bought socks for Kim's sister -cosplay) and then we went to see the LONG line of fans (mostly under aged fans) and just became a part of the mass. The doors opened at 7pm and I think we managed to get in around 7.30pm - it was crazy as everyone was pushing, trying to get in as soon as possible so that they could be in the front row AS Pierre usually comes really close to the audience and if they throw or give something it's "best" to be in the front. It took 10-20minutes from us to get rid of my bag and our coats before we got in. Then off we went to buy SP GYO European Tour t-shirt (30€) and a SP scarf (25€). We made our way to the area reserved for adults (alcohol and such, thank god I'm soon 21 and can go there!) and were extremely happy there was LOADS of space even though it was quite far away from the stage. We bought drinks, went to the tables closest to the stage and sat there drinking when We The Kings started playing around 8pm.

"She Takes Me High"

They were okay but as they were the opening act the singer had to pretty much scream so that his voice was heard.. :/ But they were okay and played for 40minutes. After which we had to wait for 30minutes for Simple Plan to start as they were scheduled to start at 9pm but not everyone managed to get in before 9pm - the doors were opened at 7pm! That's how packed the place was!

We managed to sit in front of our table and saw the stage pretty much perfectly. I was getting thrilled when the clock was 9.05pm. Simple Plan would start any minute now!!
And then they started!

"Shut Up"

Have I already said how much better they sound when you see them live? It's like a totally different band and the songs sound SO boring after you've seen them live! They love to make their fans scream and sing along - one reason I LOVE them to bits! 2 of the gigs I've seen have started with "Shut Up" while other 2 (2008 gigs) started with "Generation" which (at least we didn't) wasn't played this time.

"Can't Keep My Hands Off You"


As I never have the time or willingness to make a list of the songs they play and in which order I just put the songs I can remember to this post :3 Pretty much after those 3 songs they played "You Suck At Love" and me and Kim were pretty much over exited! The band IS and gig was the BEST!! I love the fact how they praised Helsinki, were a bit pervy on the stage, "The girls here are SO SEXY!!" (most of the girls in the front were teenagers!) and when David was telling he wants a Finnish girlfriend (or asking who wants to go to the shower with him after the gig) Pierre seemed to be laughing and added "Don't forget to check their IDs" -my thoughts exactly! :) Pierre was SO close on taking his shirt off (TWICE!) and the whole crowd went crazy :) They kept on thanking us in Finnish (Kiitos and Kiitos paljon), showing their Finnish skills and praising how Finland is like Canada but women here are a LOT sexier ;)

If the whole crowd wasn't in love and excited over the gig during the first 4 songs they started screaming when "When I'm Gone" started!

And another song like that was "Your Love is a Lie". Especially since it's the crowd was the one who sang: "and do you think about me when he fucks you"

"Do you have phones or lighters? I want to see those as you're my stars!" (after this I pretty much started screaming as I just knew they were going to play it!)

Apart from those songs they also played a cover medley of "Moves Like Jagger" , "Dynamite" and "Sexy and I Know It"(first time I can stand the song!!) "I know party in Finnish! It's PAAAAAAAARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!" "I want all of you beautiful girls to dance to this!"

I LOVE when they do the covers during their shows! In 2008 they covered at least Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl".
And just look at these covers:

This is what we saw:

And the Jet Lag DID start like that :) The crowd sang Natasha Bedingfield's parts :) If I would have started to cry it would have been during this song :)

"Let's go to the beach! It's just me and all of you!!" (Summer Paradise is 2914387648929087426798 times better live!)

They also played "Thank You" and a medley of their first album (for example "God Must Hate Me", "You Don't Mean Anything" and "My Alien")

And before they left the stage they played "I'd do Anything":


We left before the encore because we wanted to get out of the club before it became impossible and while we were heading out we heard them playing:

"Loser Of The Year"

"I'm Just A Kid"

And that's about when we left. Before leaving we went and bought tour posters with SP's autographs and left home being happier than in a LONG time :) I just LOVE the band and no matter what I want to see them again as soon as possible!! (Hopefully it won't take almost 4 years like last time :))

And apparently I only missed one song - "Perfect"

Take care!!
I'll be doing a "normal" post after I'm done with school work (I'm getting more and more stressed now that the school is going to end in a month!!) and I'm a bit more relaxed :)



  1. Woah, you seem so hyper about the concert, a whole post about it :) I'm happy for you that you could see your beloved band and have fun :)

    1. I was really hyper :)It was so great to see them even though at first I didn't want to go there (too much work :D). I really wish they'll come back again :3