Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Red Riding Hood

Kim managed to post the photos of our latest photoshoot Red Riding Hood (it was back in March 4th) and I got really exited!! :3 She took her sweet time with the photos but today she has been really productive and edited most of the pictures she has taken between February 25th and the beginning of April. She keeps me busy with various ideas and tries to make as many photoshoots now since we still live in the same town. I'll be moving during May (for the summer) and she might (probably will) move after the summer depending on various things. But here are the photos of our latest shoot:

This is one of my favourites

The "hood" was 5m long (bought ages ago for one cosplay project that was never finished)

It was freezing (I only had that dress and hood) as it was a bit windy and -4C. Luckily we had short pauses now and then and I managed to warm myself up during those. S was also helping us and this was the day he and Kim met for the first time :) It was a great day (even though I caught a cold and spent the evening half asleep next to S in the apartment he lived at that time) and I'm pretty much waiting for the next shoot. Yesterday (and today) Kim was telling me about her newest idea but we'll see. She's not going to make that one an easy shoot and we only have a couple of weeks of time to have the shoot (while I'm dead busy with school work - I even had a slight panic attack today when my mom called me and asked have I been looking for the summer job. I'M WORKING ON IT AS SOON AS I MANAGE TO FINISH THE MOST IMPORTANT ASSIGNMENTS!!!!).

Oh, and we'll see whether we'll wait until Summer with the cosplay photoshoot as I haven't heard anything about it after last Saturday.


ps. want to give some ideas to Kimmy? Visit her blog Kifia Photography

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