Thursday, April 12, 2012

The photoshoot was postponed due to the fact that the cathedral is closed when we were planning on going to take the pictures, I had left my white knee socks at my dad's place and I have too many assignments to be finished by next Tuesday so we decided to change the date to this week's Saturday. By then I've gotten my knee socks, the cathedral will be open on Saturday around the time we'll be taking the pictures (I just need to take the earliest possible bus and walk a bit) and it's a better day since by then I've HOPEFULLY turned in some of my assignments (such as an updated version of our final report about the Tallinn trip, updated CV and cover letter for our Responsible Self-Management course, Russian homework since the exam will be held next week - and I'm having a slight struggle with the language.. OH! And I have another group assignment - a 2 page report and a 10 slides long power point of a hotel.. YAY~ (NAY~))

Today started off quite okay, I managed to get up when my phone's alarm went off (6.45am), changed clothes, made some breakfast and started writing since I got an inspiration thanks to my crazy imagination and interesting dreams. By the time I realized to check the time it was already 7.15am and I had to call S as he was already waiting for me (I'm starting to be late whenever I promise to meet up with someone.. :S). We managed to leave around 7.25am (didn't check the time since I was in a hurry) and arrived at school a bit before 8am. To my surprise waking up early and starting the classes at 8.15am doesn't feel as bad as it did during the winter since the sun is already rising when I wake up (SPRING IS COMING<3). We had some time to talk before the language classes started (he studies Spanish while I have Russian) and one of the blondes in our class saw S after over 2 weeks and seemed so happy~ "OMG! You've cut your hair!" Of course I didn't like it since I AM jealous and I don't like the girl at all (heard she was contacting S a lot during our 1st big project and so on..) and I left to my class right after that.

Luckily the Russian class today was quite interesting (though I still wonder how on earth I got a perfect mark from the last Russian course since I was away a lot and my grades weren't that great.. :/) and it was over quite quickly and school ended at 9.30am - seriously, I only have ONE class every Thursday and it's in the morning D:
I was waiting for S at the cafeteria and drank a second cup of tea for today. I was pretty quiet and smiled to myself when I saw that S came to the cafeteria but didn't see me so he went around without seeing me once (and seemed a bit upset I didn't call for him or anything). We sat and talked there for a while and then he started asking about the blonde girl - let's call her B for now - and whether I got a bit angry or pissed off. I smiled and acted up a bit like I didn't even know what he meant.
"Your expression seemed like you wanted to tell her to back off, "Back off, biatch""
I smiled a bit and managed to nod and meant that it was pretty much what went through my mind at that time.

There is some kind of an event happening at our campus today and tomorrow so we left for McDonald's around 10.20am because I had been telling him how I want the salad they have there (yup, to McDonald's for a salad. I have to be sick). I have the worst shoes ever and they cause me as much pain as they can (the only sneakers I found D:) and I was complaining about it. At one point we started talking about B and he was obviously thinking about something. And I just had to ask what.

L: "Hit me"
S: "Do you feel threatened by B?"
L: " a matter of fact I do."
S: "You're kidding right? You're smarter, you get me, you're more beautiful than she is and she's a blonde"

at that point I started laughing because we've had a talk about his taste in women and apparently he doesn't really like blondes (which is totally fine by me but the fact that he doesn't really admire Natalie Portman, Billie Piper nor Hayley Williams is still a mystery to me.. Especially since I do (slightly) resemble Hayley, at least at the moment. And I still ask him what the heck does he see in me. His taste is horrible :)) and I felt a bit better - B is never going to get rid of her fake blonde hair so I'm safe :) AND I'm crazy enough that he'll never get bored of me ;) Being bipolar and having sudden mood swings can be a good thing :)

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And when we got to the McDonald's I realised I had left my wallet at home<3 Luckily I did have S with me and he paid<3 So I got the salad after all :3
After we ate I took the next bus back home while he stayed behind because of his job interview (I seriously hope he'll get the job! He also took my external hard drive with him since it died during weekend and I want to save as many files from there as possible!!!! ;;__;;). I managed to get home before the noon and a bit after that I heard we got mail and I found a letter from an Indonesian penpal I haven't heard from since December :)

Nice surprise - especially since S said that I CAN'T get mail "everyday"

Awesome stamps<3 >3<
Will have to spend the day and evening working with the school assignments D:


ps. S loves Doctor Who (but not as much as I do >3<) and has been complaining (at least to me it sounded like complaining) that we're not watching the second series (all the episodes are/were in my external hard-drive and the CDs where those are, are at my dad's place<3)

pps. Congrats Raven for getting accepted to the university of Aberdeen to major in English Literature<3 We'll be missing you and will definitely visit you in Scotland!! (I'll send myself to your doorstep as a parcel)

pps. I ordered a Union Jack t-shirt yesterday<3 Been dreaming of one since forever and now I'm finally getting one (all thanks to my dream of cosplaying Rose Tyler from Doctor Who<3)


  1. Those aasignments never let's you go :-O
    Ugh, blondes, I dislike them too and my sister is the worst blond I ever met.
    The idea of your photoshoot sounds interesting, it will be held in a cathedral? I hope there weren't too many people to stare at you guys,I would be too awkward. And your day sounds nice, I was a lot in the city too, but there were way too many people for such a queens of awkwardness like me ><
    Oh my, love the dragon stamps you got. Seriously, this is one of the best year animals.

    1. Nope.. :< But only a couple of weeks before summer holidays! :)
      Your sister is an awful blonde? D: I feel for you! I've never gotten along with blondes.. I bet it's because I'm a nerd and they don't care about video games and such.. :< Stupid blondes :<
      Yeah, we'll have a cosplay photoshoot in the local cathedral.. I don't care about people staring at me as long as we get it over and done with quite quickly (need the extra time for assignments and tandem meeting D:) I don't get awkward as long as I don't look like myself :DD It's not me if I have a wig :DD
      I know<3 I'm so happy I got dragon stamps<3 Too bad cat isn't in the zodiac :<<

  2. Cheers, luv! :) You better make an appearance there. :D

    1. I definitely will appear - sooner than you expect! ;)