Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Only ~3 weeks left!!!

Two exams are out of the way now (and I was freaking out while doing the first one - internet exam, there's the time left blinking on the left side of your browser and I'm REALLY bad with stress..), I'm going to have a job interview (and already had a couple that went well but I don't want to take the other one :(), I have some assignments + portfolio left, our project is doing okay and school ends within a month :) I can't wait for the summer!! Especially after yesterday's Russian exam (got a 3 from it - a great grade considering I had a terrible migraine on Monday after the latest interview) and an interview with a teacher..

I met my brother on Friday after a while. He brought his bags to my place and we left to the centre together as he had some kind of a performance and I met up with D (cultural visits are a part of the tandem course). Me and D went to see an art gallery and the museum of Porvoo (the first time I visit the museum in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time) and had fun! After the cultural visit we went to a restaurant/café/bar and had something to eat while talking about pretty much everything. At one point he told me that he's really happy with his life but the only thing he's missing is his girl. The last time they met was in January and I felt kinda bad hearing that. They live in different countries at the moment and can't meet up that often BUT they still continue dating. I'm a bit jealous. I'm not good with long distance relationships, I couldn't be in one anymore..

In the evening when I got back to my apartment S came over and my brother came about an hour later. I asked my brother to do the dinner for him and me as he was there eating my food and S was happy seeing that I'm also using asking others to do things for me (instead of him) always now and then.
My brother complained a bit but did what I asked him to do (not like he has a choice - he's 20cm taller than I am and at least twice my weight but I'm really aggressive when irritated - just like small dogs - others need to know that they're strong and so~) and after we ate and talked a bit me and M had a small argument and M started talking with S: "This is exactly what I mean! It's so boring to be at home when there's no one to argue/have a fight with!" and they were both laughing.
I seriously missed my brother and it was great to see him again!

On Saturday we went to see M's show and it was great. I never knew my brother can SING! :) And I was laughing more than I've laughed in a long time. In the end I decided to go with him to see my own room in the middle of nowhere. It was fun to spend time with M and my dear cat after a month (Nasse was really missing me and spent every waking hour stalking me and staying right next to me. He even slept next to me without leaving anywhere during the night :3). I was able to relax and watch tv after a long time (don't own a tv) and it really looks like I'll be moving..
S already has a small job for the summer and I'm happy for him but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed and hope that I will get the job I have the interview for on Saturday.


ps. I'm really busy with school as there's only ~3 weeks left and all of the deadlines are within the next 2 weeks........ So no letters nor that many posts before May 10th.. After that most of the assignments have been returned and exams are done (unless I've failed some :DD)

pps. Anyone willing to become my maid/slave? I need someone to make my school assignments or keep my apartment clean as I can't manage to do both D: I don't even eat properly anymore..

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