Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Word of the day?

I woke up around 7.30am thanks to my effing phone (alarm clock……..), clicked snooze (30mins) since I knew I had time as school started 10am and I got money = This girl is taking the bus instead of attempting suicide because of my high heels (chose to take the shoes that cause me blisters instead of those high heels).
Russian class was okay, I was talking with M (had done all of the assignments yesterday since I had NO idea what I was supposed to do) and I heard that we (possibly) got a new assignment from the teacher everyone hates (THANK GOD I SLEPT YESTERDAY!!!) so I had to ask about the paper(s) from her. It was also quite nice to realize how introvert I am. My bf is in Miami and all of the 4 classmates I usually talk with are away. Yay~! There are over 40 of us and I only talk to 5 of them! Okay, I managed to have a chat (about school) with a couple of my classmates but that’s it..

I couldn’t be more tired at the moment (and lazy as of 4 days of school this week I’m only at school on 2 days – yesterday and today ;)) but I bet that I’ll be REALLY energetic after school ends since I’ll be going to Helsinki and see Stella<3 God I LOVE that band and the fact that Kim agreed to go with me even though she doesn’t really listen to the band :) And in 12 days we’ll be going to Helsinki once again and we’ll see Simple Plan together for the 3rd time (I’ve seen the band every time they’ve been to Finland – 4 – but Kim didn’t go to the Sound Wave festival to see Avril Lavigne, Poets of the Fall, Simple Plan etc. and I went with my dad – I was 13 or turning 14 at that time).

Classes continue soon even though our teacher forgot that we have a class with her (YAY~!).


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