Saturday, April 7, 2012

Life became normal again

I lost the bet I made with Kim and we'll be going to a pizzeria as soon as we can (yay, I'm getting the kebab I wanted a couple of days ago :D).

S came back from Miami yesterday and me and M picked him up. It was quite fun to drive to the airport and see that their flight had landed 20minutes before we arrived and 25 minutes early. We pretty much rushed to see whether he had already gotten his bag but apparently he was still looking for it when we arrived. We were looking around and I was a bit nervous. I had cut and dyed my hair the day before (really short red hair~) and I knew he had cut his hair so I was waiting for mine and his reaction.
We waited there for about 5 minutes, I got a call and a minute after that we met after one and a half week :)

M drove us back to our apartments and she and S promised to meet up on Sunday as I'm SUPPOSED to have a tandem meeting then :) M drove away and left us to spend time with each other. It was really nice to see him after a while even though it seemed like he was almost chocking at my apartment since I spent the last weekend with my cat and I have my cat's blanket with me in here..

When he was kinda complaining that he's clogged up I just continued using my laptop, pointed to myself.
And to him that was hilarious. "You just referred yourself as a cat"

 I got tea, some paper and other things as souvenirs from him :) And after a while I managed to start writing letters again (I wasn't writing a thing for nearly a week and after last night I've already written 2,5 letters :) I hope to finish the third letter during today, if not then I probably have some time tomorrow to write :) And I seriously needed him to come back before I got the inspiration to write, not even the 3 letters, 2 teas and 4 postcards inspired me enough :) But now I'm back in action~

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  Today I continued with letter writing, S came over around 12.30pm and we spent time at my place. My mom came over around 4pm and she had fun as both me and S had changed our hairstyles and she hadn't seen neither of us for about 2 weeks. So we cleaned up my apartment (it seriously needed to be cleaned!!) and after that mom left for work (she seriously said that my hair is okay.. I was expecting to hear something about the fact that I don't look that feminine or something like that..) and S had to leave as well.. I've been trying to stick with my plan to get rid of the unneeded sugar and start a short diet..

But I better get back to writing or watching the Big Bang theory ;)


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