Thursday, April 5, 2012

I seriously need to see Stella again!

I could say that I met an OLD classmate of mine by accident today - we were in the same class during 5th and 6th grade :) It was quite nice to see her and chat a bit before continuing to the store and call Kim up to give me a ride home ;) (The Lidl I usually shop in - I'm a student so I need to use cheap grocery stores!! - is quite far away) She gave me the ride and we made plans that she'll come over around 4pm and we will spend the evening together - again :D Yesterday was girls' night out and today we will spend the evening together and have fun (and wait for the Simple Plan's concert ;))

The gig last night was AWESOME!
We took the bus to Helsinki so that we were there around 7pm, went straight to a sushi place where we've been usually eating at since my 16th birthday (at least that's one of the earliest memories I have from that place). I LOVE the place and a big sushi plate, miso soup and a green tea ended up costing me 22€ (OUCH!) but it was worth every penny :) After that I managed to drag Kim with me to a book store and I bought some BEAUTIFUL postcards and I even know a couple of penpals I'm going to send those to.. I could even give a couple of those out unwritten or written, how people want those ;) But we'll see~

After that we were walking around Kamppi and waited for the clock to strike 8.45pm so that we wouldn't need to wait so long for the band to start playing :) We went to a lovely café where I've been a couple of times with one of my oldest penpals V (we don't really write anymore but we still meet now and then :)). And after 8.30pm I started getting restless and tried to hurry my way to Tavastia club. In the end we were there around 8.50pm, bought ciders and spent 40minutes talking about everything and a bit before 9.30pm Stella started playing and opened with "Kultasiipi". It's not one of my favourite songs (actually I don't even really like it) but the live version was absolutely breath taking. I've never been this happy to see a Finnish band live! After "Kultasiipi" I THINK they played "Kelle Ihosi Tuoksuu?", "Lintupoika ja minä" and "Elämä Ikkunan Takana" (Leevi and the Leavings cover). After those I kinda lost the willingness to remember the order and just fought back the urge to start crying since I was SO happy. The next order I remember is from the 2 encores they had to play (It was absolutely one of the best gigs I've ever seen :) And I've been at least in one gig per year (about) since I was 11 or 12 :)) During the first encore they played "Piste" and "Viimeisen Kerran (Vierekkäiset Paikat Taivaasta)" (one of the songs I hoped to hear<3) and during the second encore they played acoustic version of "Häävalssi". I've been to two of their gigs and in both of those they ended with that exact song and they even said that since the song was released there hasn't been a gig where it hasn't been played :)) In the end the gig was over WAY too soon but I was happy :)
The other songs we heard during the gig were:
"Suloinen", "Aamun Kuiskaus"(their very 1st single from 2002 :)), "Keskipäivän Demoni", "Hipaisun Päässä"(LOVED the song when it came out and they told they weren't going to put the song to their 3rd CD since they had a problem finding the perfect sound to it), "Veri", "Sunnuntai Ja Hidas Sää", "Säikyn Aina Kun Puhelin Soi" (= LOVE<3) and "Kesän Heinä On Hiljaa Hetken" (the last song they played before the encores). I LOVED the gig and thanks to the fact that Tavastia is a small club I was able to stand quite near the stage (~10m) and have some space around me :) And most of the people in there were older than me and Kim so the gig was quite relaxed :)

We took 11.15pm bus back home and in the end I jumped out of the bus 12.30am and walked 15 minutes from the bus stop to my apartment :) I'm really looking forward to Simple Plan's gig with Kim since she'll be a lot more excited then :3
I've been in a better mood after the gig and I bet I'll continue letter writing today before Kim comes and after she leaves :)


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