Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Unexplained pain and Future cosplays

I seriously need to go and see a doctor if this keeps up.. I woke up around 7am this morning with a terrible pain (exactly the same kind of pain like yesterday), managed to get up and do things around the apartment for 10 minutes before calling H, making sure we don't really have anything important this morning and went back to bed. I managed to sleep a bit longer and woke up a bit before 10 am so I was late from my 2 first lessons which didn't really matter to me as the 3rd and last class (Russian) starts 3.30pm..
After 10am I took over our kitchen table and started working on my Russian and checking some anime characters as Kim(my) wants me to cosplay with her in Desucon. Thank god I have 2 laptops and the smaller one is so handy at times<3 :3

Been sending messages back and forth with Kim, sent a message to one of my idols&friend in cosplay scene asking whether she could be able to take part in our group and in the end I even agreed to cosplay.........
Shirley Fennette from Code Geass

Why and how?
Wee~ll.. Kimmy knows that I have a long orange wig so she stated that it won't cost THAT much as I already have the wig.. But we'll see..
And I'm probably even cosplaying Hatsune Miku before this school year is over..
Couldn't find any proper pictures of the costumes so here are a couple of cosplayers with the "magnet" version costume :)

I've swore to myself never to cosplay as Hatsune Miku (the normal and overused version) so it will be nice to go and try how this'll work out - if it works out :)

I haven't really written a thing as I spent the whole yesterday in bed watching The Big Bang Theory, the newest episode of Once Upon a Time and RENT the movie.. I ate like an elephant and now I feel even worse due to it. The only positive thing is that I didn't have anything sweet at my apartment and I need to walk to school and back today and tomorrow (and on Thursday if I ever make it to school thanks to the gig.) I bet I won't be home before 1am and waking up before 7am doesn't really sound that nice.. I do get money on Wednesday and I still have one energy drink in the fridge but we'll see..

And right before I went to bed I was angry at everything and everyone and talked about it with Kim. On top of the anger I had really bad and QUICK mood swings.. At times I hate the way I am, especially the mood swings because I can't explain them myself and most of the time there's no reason for those.. But due to these things I have a bad feeling that I'm going to experience a bad phase sooner or later (probably quite soon) as I haven't felt this bad in a long time and usually sleeping makes me forget things I don't really like or want to remember but not this time.. I still remember how I was planning on punishing myself for eating too much..
I seriously need to get out of here and relax somewhere and then continue with school work and letters.. I'm just way too stressed for all of this right now..



  1. I hope those pains have left you alone. I had the same problem last week, but it all ended up well in the end :)
    The character you're going to cosplay, if you don't know her yet is quite a quiet and sweet girl, I think it should fit you even if I don't know you in real life :) I still think so :p
    Gee, this version would be so awesome if you could cosplay in it! I would want a picture too!

    1. Well, at least I didn't have any pains this morning so I REALLY hope those were only temporary problems :D We'll see tomorrow morning :D
      Based on what I know (and what I saw) she's a bit like me but we'll see :) Kim already tries to get us Lelouch cosplayer so that she can pair Lelouch and Shirley :) (who am I kidding, I want to be a part of that!! xD)
      Both of those costumes will be made&used in less than 2 months :) I'll be Hatsune Miku magnet in one month and cosplay as Shirley in about 2 months :)
      Can't wait to get back to cosplay xD I seriously missed it even though the last 2 conventions were a nightmare.. :)

    2. and I'll be mailing you a picture ;D