Sunday, April 15, 2012

I am a LADY and I wish to be addressed as such.

Hopefully tomorrow's gig will change my mood for the better (for good :)).
But here's a video of what S has pretty much been listening to through the whole weekend:

(too bad he's not ready to do anything to make me feel better stop whining)

But yeah~ Simple Plan in 24 hours :) It will be a great gig even though I won't be home before 1am and the first classes start around 8.30am - IF we have those (I'm probly skipping~). SO I'll be sleeping until 8.30am and take the bus to school to attend the second class at 10am. After that I have 4 hours worth of skip hours and I'll be working on school assignments~ YAY for busy school schedule!


ps. my brother will be having some kind of a show on Saturday and he'll be singing "My Heart Will Go On" (and in reality he can't sing at all) SO me and S will be going to see that as my mom was kind enough to invite us. (I seriously think mom is finally getting that S is here to stay :))