Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cover Letter Assignment

It's great how much my bf knows about me. And abuses the time while I'm on the phone with Kim talking about our cosplays and Saturday's photoshoot (and having a small argument that I don't look like myself during our normal photoshoots as I wear a wig and her clothes etc~.) to write my assignment.
But yeah, the first paragraph is written by me, the rest is by S. (and I'd rather send this to the teacher than the one I'm gonna write after deleting S's awesome work.)

Dear Sir,
                I found your job advertisement from website of Finnish Employment Agency I am very interested in the job you are offering. 

I am a 20 years old student living in Porvoo. I study Tourism in University of Applied Sciences. In addition, I have completed the Hygiene Passport training and Alcohol Passport training.

I am an active, positive and social individual. I love being and working with people, and I seem to get along with everyone. Except blondes. I can’t stand blondes. They are always so fake, it makes even Barbie jealous. And she’s a piece of plastic with improbable dimensions, for crying out loud! Poor Ken, he would be so much better off without that plastic bitch. 

In fact, the only thing I love more than working with and guiding people is cats. I freaking love cats! Cats are awwsome in their gorgeous, glorious, individual cuddliness! I want to be a cat when I grow up!

My mother tongue is Finnish, and I study in English. Now this obviously means I speak and write English pretty damn well, at least better than my boyfriend, who is not half as awesome as he thinks he is. Seriously, when you listen to the man, you could think he’s some weird breed of cat. I LOVE CATS! I can also speak Swedish quite well. I just don’t like to speak it, since only 5 per cent of Finnish population are Swedish-speakers, and the rest of us should not be forced to use the language solely to the benefit of the wealthy minority. Rich bitches. I hate them.

I am looking forward, but not very far, to hearing from you soon.

Yours so very sincerely,
Lily “Lil’Kay" 

Why wouldn't they hire me with a cover letter like that?



  1. Replies
    1. Harmi vaa ettei maikka varmaa ymmärtäis :DDD

  2. This is awesome xDDDD It made me laugh a lot.

    1. I read it after the phone call and laughed a lot :D I can't understand how he managed to write that in just some minutes :D

  3. Hahaha, how cute! :---D I was giggling out loud!

  4. That's really hilarious!! I can't stop smiling after reading it! :D Now, let me think... Should I hire you?? HAHA!!

  5. Well, you guys know Lily, right?
    Wouldn't you say that summarizes her quite nicely? ;)
    Plus, Lily, the phone call was long!